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How To Quickly Remove Wrinkles Without An Iron

  How To Quickly Remove Wrinkles from Clothes Without An Iron You have a big business meeting this morning and pull out that fancy blouse from your closet only to find that it’s wrinkled! You don’t have time to break out the ironing board and iron. You don’t have time to throw it in the dryer. So what do you do? Well, today I’m going to show you how to quickly remove wrinkles without an iron using a garment steamer!  9 tips to remove wrinkles from clothes when you don’t own an iron[/caption] Undomesticated Me If you’re anything like me,…

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10 Unisex Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25

10 Unisex Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is exchanging White Elephant (also known as Dirty Santa) gifts. But some of the challenges of this fun gift exchange is that you don’t know the gender of the recipient and you also have a set budget. So if you don’t have a clue what to get for your White Elephant gift, check out this list of 10 Unisex Christmas gift ideas under $25 that everyone will fight for!  This year’s hot picks are Gadgets. And these gadget gift ideas are not only affordable but also super convenient. You might just want to…

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How We Cut the Cord…But Is It Worth It?

Is it Worth It to Ditch Cable and Cut the Cord? My family and I are HUGE couch potatoes. This means we love to watch TV. You see, we are pretty boring people, so we in order to get any adventure in our lives, we live vicariously though our favorite TV shows.  But as most of you know, quality TV does not come cheap. Cable and Satellite services cost money. And every year the costs increase, with no rhyme or reason. So we decided it was time to cut the cord. But this decision did not come lightly. Not only does…

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Naturalico Shiatsu Massager Review

I often work 10-12 hours at my job where I’m hunched over a computer all day and I end up with an aching back, neck, and shoulders.  I’m in the logistics industry and our trucks come equipped with massage chairs so I always joke that I would like to spend my lunch hour sitting in driver’s seat. My boss said, I was more than welcome to use the truck, but knowing how much I’m into freebies, he said why don’t you just try to get one free? So when I saw the Naturalico Shiatsu Massager on my favorite freebie site Tomoson, I was like…

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Unique BBQ Party Products You’ve Never Thought Of

Unique BBQ Party Products Summer is officially here! And nothing says summer quite like an awesome BBQ party. Throwing a BBQ is awesome but it’s also a lot of work for the host. So here are some unique BBQ party products that make preparing a BBQ much easier and more fun so YOU can enjoy the party as much as your guests. You will wonder where these products have been all your life! Unique BBQ Party Product #1 Sameia Watermelon Slicer & Melon Baller What’s a summer BBQ without watermelon? My family loves it and we would eat it year round if we could. It is such…

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5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $25

5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Only $25 or Less! It’s June and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get Dad for Father’s Day. But does he really need another tie or a watch? Yawn. Here is a list of 5 unique Father’s Day gift ideas that he (or you) would probably never think of, but would most certainly love. And they are all only $25 or less!  Unique Father’s Day Gift #1 – $25 ThermoPro Digital Single Probe Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer  Looking forward to cooking your hubby a delicious Father’s Day meal? I’m not because I’m…

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Have a Potty Party with Illumibowl

Have a Potty Party with Illumibowl!   I know what you’re thinking. Potty Party? Gross! Well, get your mind out of the gutter! Today I will be reviewing this little gadget that you probably never knew you wanted. I’m talking about this awesome toilet night light called Illumibowl. I have discovered that this device has been featured on such websites like theCHIVE and BuzzFeed and when the lovely people at Illumibowl asked me to try one complimentary in exchange for my honest review, I was excited to see what all the fuss is about. Well now I am asking myself just where has this ingenious product…

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