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Want Fuller Brows? Here’s Why You Need to Check Out Eyebrow Wigs.

Eyebrow Wigs? Yes, It’s a thing!

I have an obsession with eyebrows. I think they are one of the most expressive features on the human face. Back in the 90s when thin eyebrows were all the rage, I actually used to shave them off and got them tatooed instead. But now I have no eyebrows, so I am constantly looking for the latest and greatest eyebrow products out there to help me achieve a more natural looking brow. I have tried pencils, shadows and gels. But I’ve recently discovered eyebrow wigs and I am seriously blown away.

How to Use Eyebrow Wigs for Thicker Brows

What are Eyebrow Wigs?

They are just like the name implies – wigs for your eyebrows. They have been using them on television and in movies forever but did you know they are also available for the general public?

Thick eyebrows look great on certain people. On me? Not so much.
Everyone is lusting after these thick, full eyebrows right now.

I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos about how to achieve natural “fake” eyebrows with the power of makeup.  And these guys do a fantastic job of making drawn-on eyebrows look real, but I don’t want to spend an hour to do my makeup just to look like I have real eyebrows. Who has time for that?

But then I came across a video of this product called LashyBrows by Instabrow and I thought this might just be what I was looking for. So I contacted them via email and asked them if they would let me try out a sample in exchange for a video review and they kindly obliged.

What are LashyBrows?

“LashyBrows False-Brows are made with 100% human hair. They are the most natural looking and beautiful eyebrows in the market. Each eyebrow is individually hand sewn onto a realistic synthetic skin-like base for a natural, stunning and ravishing appearance. Our professional high quality false-brows conceals eyebrow hair loss and gives the appearance of real hair growing from the brow line. Designed for both men and women who have lost their eyebrow hair due to aging, alopecia, over plucking, cancer; or simply for those fashionistas who just want to change their look or color.” – Instabrow

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That’s right. They are fake eyebrows with actual human hair! LashyBrows come in a wide variety of style, each named after a famous celebrity. They offer a bunch of different colors as well ranging from Dark Brown to Blonde. Check out the cool brow shapes available:

Amazing styles of eyebrow wigs from Instabrow named after celebrities
Amazing styles of eyebrow wigs from Instabrow named after celebrities

How do you Apply LashyBrow Eyebrow Wigs?

LashyBrows made with a long front so that you can trim them to fit your desired eyebrow length. But first you must determine how much you need to trim.

I explain the proper way to measure your brows in my my first video tutorial of how to apply the Instabrow Eyebrow Wigs in the Angelina shape below:

My first time around I actually cut too much and cut off the tail of the brow – crap! I’m really mad at myself for doing that, but I was fortunate to receive a 2nd pair of LashyBrows in the Charlize style and did not make the same mistake again.

  • After you cut your brows to the desired length and shape you like, you will want to wipe the area clean with alcohol, witch hazel, or Micellar water if you wish. The area you will be applying the brow must be clean and free from oil.
  • Instabrow sells their own adhesive, but you can just use eyelash glue if you wish.
  • You will need to completely cover the silicone back with the adhesive to ensure proper adhesion. I find that a small brush to apply the glue works best.
  • I like to start by placing the brow on my face at the arch, then simply move the brow to the desired position on your face.
  • Make sure to pat down all edges of the brows so that there are no gaps between your skin and the eyebrow wigs.
  • Follow up with a light dusting of eyeshadow or pencil to fill in any gaps
  • Enjoy your beautiful natural looking fake eyebrows!
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What makes Instabrow LashyBrows Eyebrow Wigs different?

Because the brows have a silicone backing, they move with your face and all of your various expressions.

I have not tried sleeping in them, but LashyBrows False Brows can be worn for several days at a time without reapplying. However, if you plan to wear them for several days, they recommend spirit gum for longer wear. With proper care, LashyBrows False Brows can be removed, reapplied and reworn for up to 2-4 months.

Are LashyBrows Waterproof?

Wearing in the pool or shower is not recommended. The adhesive that holds the false brow may break down faster especially from chemicals like chlorine.

Can I Wear False Eyebrows if I Already have Eyebrow Hair?

As you may or may not have noticed, thick eyebrows are all the rage again. Yes, this was also a 90’s trend (before the thin brows were a thing) – remember Cindy Crawford? So many girls are trying to achieve that thick, bushy look right now.

You can use the LashyBrows to simply fill in where you want more hair, or you can completely cover a sparse thin eyebrow. Just keep in mind that the adhesive may stick to your natural brows so you need to carefully remove them to avoid pulling out your hair.

I’ve gotten so many comments on my videos about how people like me with the thicker brows. But I just can’t seem to get used to it. My eyes are so small and hooded, that I feel thick brows are too overpowering for me. In my 2nd video (with the Charlize style) I had to trim the brows down to a shape that I felt suited me more.

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You can watch the video here:

Fake Eyebrows FTW!

For those of us with no eyebrow hair, suffer from alopecia, or have lost your brows due to chemotherapy, this is definitely one of the most natural looking false eyebrows on the market. They even have a pair of fake eyebrows for men too!

They are definitely a cost effective solution to the gels and powders you can buy at the store and they are reusable. It’s a win-win!

Where Can I Buy LashyBrows?

You can find LashyBrows here for around $29 

And if you use the sponsorship code “enjoyfreebies” not only do you get $5 off your first order, but Lashybrows will also throw in Free Shipping, a Free Sample of LashyBrow Extended Wear Adhesive, and a Free Sample of LashyBrow Citrus Remover and Cleanser! Sweet!

What do you think of my Eyebrow Wigs? Would you ever try a product like this? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: This product was received complimentary in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for making this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I can see the value for some people, I certainly don’t need them. I am on the opposite end of the spectrum.

  2. I am impressed how natural it does look on you. I never knew this was a thing. I have seen plenty of people pencil eyebrows in, but nothing like this.

  3. jessica taylor jessica taylor

    Wow. I have never heard of these before. At first it sounded silly, but now it kinda makes sense.

    • It’s really helpful for people who suffer from hair loss. 🙂

  4. Next Level Blogging Next Level Blogging

    Wow. I never knew these existed. What a great product for those that have no eyebrows, or suffering brow loss, as you mentioned. The videos are a great touch.

  5. This is an interesting idea! I’ve never heard of anything like it before now.

  6. These definitely look like a great product for anyone who has lost their eyebrows for whatever reason – they really do make a huge difference, and I love that they come in so many shapes. I’m fortunate enough to be on the other end of the eyebrow trend though – I have pretty thick brows already, and actually have to trim mine or they will get totally wild.

  7. Kim Kim

    i’ve over plucked before! It’s so hard to grow them back in a timely manner. This would really help me in that phase of growth.

  8. I had no idea this was even a thing!! I’m super super blonde so I have to fill in my brows every day! Wonder if this would work? Ha thanks!!

  9. Amber Amber

    How cool! I’ve never tried this. My eyebrows are pretty bushy to begin with.

  10. While I certainly understand the need for eye brow help, I’m not sure I could handle applying or wearing these! I can only imagine them sliding off in a river of sweat during a run, Ha

  11. I’ll be honest, this is the first time I have heard of these. If my eyebrows ever thin out, I might give this a try.

  12. What a cool product! Love that you can still have a natural looking brow even after losing your hair or shaving them off!

  13. Oh my god this is crazy haha! I’ve never heard of anything like this before – it’s insane how natural this actually looks!! It must be a life changer when you haven’t got eyebrows naturally. xx

  14. annalisanuttall annalisanuttall

    My mate recently had her brow tattooed. That going a litte too far. I will have to try out this products. xx

  15. Elizabeth O. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve never heard of this before. It’s brilliant and it’s definitely an easier way than to get your eyebrows tattooed or something like that.

  16. This is so weird to me that I thought it was an April Fools thing. I don’t get my eyebrows done now, so at least I’m coming back in style with my not thin eyebrows

  17. I have never heard of these, but I need these (and eyelash extensions) pronto!!

  18. I can honestly say I have never heard of a lash wig (LOL) Sounds really awesome tho! Thanks for introducing me to them, they are definitely something I would be interested in!

  19. I have absolutely real bushy eyebrows.But I am totally amazed y this product.They look so great that I wish I could try them oiut to cget a new look .Super review.just shared on twitter too

  20. My mother, my aunt and my best friend have all gone through chemotherapy in the past two years and this would be a great product for them! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Gosh, what a clever idea, I had no idea that this was even a thing! Thankfully I’m blessed with quite thick eyebrows but I know not everyone is as lucky. This is a great alternative to using makeup.

  22. lol, I thought your eyebrows were real, I had to go back and check the picture again after reading the post! wow, this is really a thing. I have no eyebrows, so this was really interesting to read.

    • This type of product would probably be really good for you too! I love them.

  23. Lydia Lydia

    These look great on you, very natural. Thankfully I don’t need them since my brows are really thick!

  24. Jeanine Jeanine

    What? Who knew this even was a thing? How cool. I bet lots of people can benefit from these.

  25. Well, this certainly came right on time. I have been losing some of the hair in my brows and it’s driving me bonkers!

  26. thefashionableaccountant thefashionableaccountant

    Omg these are so freaking cool!! I overplucked too and mine have grown in a lot, but I always have to fill them in. I am totally going to get a pair of these to try out. I just have to figure out which ones haha.

    • You’ll have to let me know how you like them if you try it!

  27. I have never heard of this, but I would love to try it. My eyebrows are a hot mess.

  28. What a great idea! I love my eye brows luckily, but this is great for so many people!

  29. Ok I’m a total Makeup junkie and this is the first time I have heard of this!!!! I think I might need to get a pair to play with

  30. Boy what will they come up with next? This is a bit of a miracle for someone who doesn’t have eyebrows at all. I’ll be sure to pass this along.

  31. Okay I have to laugh a little. This is my first time hearing of them. I can’t believe they actually made these.

  32. I had no idea these exist! Amazing! They look fantastic on you!

  33. It’s my first time to hear about eyebrow wigs but I think it would work! I love full brows.

  34. beautyaddictmama beautyaddictmama

    I had never heard of these and felt for sure it was a late April Fool’s, but having read the whole post, I can see that they would be really useful for some people. They do look quite natural on you.

  35. I really need a product like this due to hair loss of eyebrows, but it so very hard to even find eyebrow pencils in charcoal! I have salt and pepper hair which is silver in front…do you know of any product for me? Yours look so natural!

    • Thank you for your comment. I don’t know of any but they definitely should come out with something like that. Maybe try to find a color that matches the dark parts of your hair? I think these brows are available in black.

  36. Wow a brow wig! Never knew anything about this. It looked so natural on you, I would give them a try since I draw on mine every day.

  37. Cool idea, but I think I would stick to using makeup brow enhancement tools.

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