Top 20 Driving Pet Peeves You Need to Stop Doing

Top 20 Driving Pet Peeves

Some people get very anxious when having to drive. And every day is a challenge when dealing with annoying people who think they own the road. So this month I’m going to share with you a list of my Top 20 Driving Pet Peeves.  

And if you think I’m talking to you, I probably am.

Are you a bad driver? Here is a list of my Top 20 Driving Pet Peeves. Don't be a douche!

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1. Not using your blinker. Blinkers are there for a reason – to let other people know you are turning!  Don’t make me look like an idiot when I’m waiting for you to pass and then suddenly you decide to turn without using your turn signal. It takes 1 flip of your finger to turn it on. But if you don’t use it, don’t be surprised if you get 1 flip of the finger in return.

2. Don’t leave your blinkers on. I (think) I’m a fairly courteous driver. I may let you into my lane if I see your turn signal on. But if I’ve given you enough time to change lanes and you still don’t, then I have to assume you forgot to turn your blinker off. Sorry Bro, you had your chance.

3. You know those traffic signals that have a green arrow AND a green light? That means you don’t need to wait for an arrow to turn, people. Don’t make me miss my chance to turn just because you don’t know how to drive. GO!

4. People who lazily drift into the turn lane and slow down while still blocking half of your lane. I see that you planned to turn like, a mile ago, but can’t you see there are people behind you? Move the @#$% over!

5. Merging onto the freeway too slowly. Look, I get that you may be scared as you tentatively enter the freeway and see all those cars whizzing by. But by the time you are ready to merge, you should be matching the speed of the cars around you. I may slow down for you, but I shouldn’t have to slam on my brakes to let you in.

Stay in Your Lane


6. Drifting into other lanes. This is a freaking daily occurrence.  Put your stupid phone down and pay attention. You do NOT own the road.

7. Quickly changing lanes while cars are stopped in front of you causing me to slam on my brakes. SUVs I’m talking to you! I can’t see around your big-ass car so I can’t tell what’s going on in front of you. Just because you are too busy to stop or slow down, don’t risk the life of the drivers in the cars behind you.

8. I’m driving straight, minding my own business when all of a sudden the car next to me slightly swerves left in front of me so they can make a right turn. Why do you feel the need to do this and give me a heart attack? Does it REALLY help you turn faster?

9. If it’s raining or night time, please turn on your headlights. Just because you might be able to see in the dark, doesn’t mean other people can. I can’t see you! Comprende?

10. Treating a traffic signal as the Indy 500. Look, we are not in a race. I don’t care that you can reach 0-60 in 5 seconds. I’m still going to laugh at you when we are stopped next to each other at the next red light.

Move Already!


 11. Driving slow in the fast lane. Maybe you are just a super chill driver – must be nice. But if you have a line of cars behind you or people are passing on the right and then getting in front of you, perhaps you should take a hint. Move over!

12. There’s nothing like taking a beautiful scenic road trip – except when you are on a two lane highway lined with huge Semi-trucks. You are rocking the cruise control when all of a sudden one of those semis feels the need to pass the one in front of him causing you to step on your brakes. Then you have to wait 10 mins for him to complete his pass just so he can go 5 mph faster than before. Thanks a lot, a-hole.

13. Cars blocking your view when you are trying to turn. You see that I want to turn right out of the parking lot and I get that you want to turn left. But why do you feel the need to move up so far forward that I can’t see around you? I am not blocking your view, but you are blocking mine. Argh!

14. Bicycle riders taking up the street. You are out getting some exercise. Good for you! There may not be a bike lane, which sucks and I’m sorry. So in times like this, please get over to the right as much as possible. Cars should not have to drive around you to avoid hitting you.

Don’t be a Douche


 15. There’s road construction and the right lane is closed ahead. You know I have to get over – we all do. But please allow me the chance to merge. You are not going to get where you are going any faster by not letting me in.

16. So what if sometimes I like to drive 80 mph on a clear highway? I understand the risks. But why is there always some jerk who feels the need to drive up your butt even when you are speeding? Ok, ok I’ll move over! But then I will point and laugh at you when I see you getting a ticket a few miles ahead.

17. On the other hand, don’t be that turd who thinks it’s okay to cut in front of a traffic-filled off ramp at the last minute. Wait your turn like the rest of us! I hope you choke on a chicken wing.

18. Do you really need to wash your windows while you are driving? I didn’t really need my car washed, but now I do thanks to your rogue water spray. Thanks a lot, douche.

19. I get it. You love your tunes. And maybe it sounds amazing INSIDE your vehicle. But to those of us not in your world, if I can’t tell the difference between an earthquake or the bass coming out of your stereo, it’s too damn loud. You are NOT cool, you have never BEEN cool, and you will never BE cool. Go away.

20. Be appreciative. If I was courteous enough to let you in front of me much to the ire of the cars behind me, at least do me the courtesy of giving a little wave to acknowledge the gesture.

What are your driving pet peeves? Can you think of any others to add to this list? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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