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Month: September 2017

What You Should Know About Antimicrobial Countertops

After losing our home during the recession 9 years ago, hubby and I were finally able to buy a house again over the summer. Yay! But our new home is “cozy” and needs a bit of cosmetic work. So far, we have replaced the floors in the kitchen and stained over the ugly oak cabinets. Next up, we are going to tackle the yucky beige laminate countertops. But there are so many different options. I’ve been hearing a lot about Antimicrobial countertops and REALLY want them for my kitchen. Here’s why… [Tweet theme=”basic-full”]Renovating your kitchen? Antimicrobial countertops are beautiful and…

17 Products for Preppers

17 Products for Preppers

Today I am going to talk about 17 products for preppers. My husband Brian is interested in this type of thing and I think it’s a really neat idea. But what is a prepper you ask? See translation from Google below: What is a prepper?

Some people think that preppers are crazy lunatics, and of course there are quite a few that fit that bill. While my husband is not what I would consider a lunatic (most of the time), I really like the fact that he just wants the family to be ready in the case of an emergency. So since Brian feels like the world might be coming to an end in the foreseeable future, he has put together what is called a “Bug Out Box”. Gah, I hate that word because It makes me think of a box full of bugs. Yuck!

But anyway a bug out box is a container that keeps emergency supplies handy that you can just grab and go in the event of an emergency. Or a nuclear melt-down. Or a Zombie apocalypse. Or the Rapture – because, let’s be honest, if such a thing were real, me and him aren’t going anywhere. And chances are, neither are YOU! In all seriousness, I am not that concerned about the above events happening, but it is good to have something handy in the case of emergencies. So because I love my husband, and I think it’s a neat idea, I am always on the lookout for items that might be helpful additions to our bug out box.

How to get Free Stuff from Crowdtap

How to get Free Stuff from Crowdtap Crowdtap is a site where you connect with major brands who want you to try their stuff for free! You can even earn gift cards worth actual cash rewards. It’s free to sign up and anyone can do it.  But be warned. You can seriously spend all day on Crowdtap. And the nice thing is, you don’t even need a blog! [Tweet theme=”basic-full”]Anyone can get free full size products from major brands without a blog from Crowdtap. Click here to learn more! [/Tweet] What is Crowdtap?  “Crowdtap offers you the opportunity to earn rewards just…

Save Face with Charcoal?

Save Face with Charcoal? I’ve been seeing more and more products out there toting charcoal as the new “wonder” ingredient but I “wonder” if it’s not just a passing fad. I mean, we use charcoal to grill hamburgers in our barbecues and artists use it for drawing portraits. It is also a main ingredient in aquarium filters to remove impurities from the water. But it is also used to remove toxins from the body and is given to overdose patients and to people who have ingested poison (under a doctor’s supervision). Therefore, charcoal must be a pretty hardcore ingredient! And it’s now popping up…

Can a Bento Box Help You Lose Weight?

How Can a Bento Box help you lose weight? If you have been following my blog for a while you know I’m allergic to exercise but I’m still conscious of watching my figure. Restaurants scare the crap out of me. Why? Because they always blow my regiment. While thankfully, there are now several restaurants that list their nutritional content, it’s no fun picking out foods that suck just to stay on track. Typically anything that tastes good, is absolutely loaded with calories and fat. Yes, I know it’s not the most enjoyable way to live, but believe me, I feel worse when I…

Oleavine Therapeutic Foot Soak

Oleavine Therapeutic Foot Soak My husband suffers from heel spurs in his feet which are extremely painful to him. They hurt him so badly that he can’t even walk sometimes. Usually when he has flare-ups like these, he likes to soak his feet in warm water with Epsom salt and that helps to relieve some of the inflammation. So when I had the opportunity to test out this therapeutic foot soak in exchange for my honest review from, I thought this would be a really helpful product for him (and me) to try. I have used Oleavine Therapeutic Body…

Products for Reducing Body Fat

Products for Reducing Body Fat & Cellulite Summer is over and as we are heading into the holiday season, some of us might be a little anxious about what all that upcoming holiday eating might do to our figures. And while everyone knows a healthy diet and exercise is the best way to stay trim, it’s not for everybody. Watching what you eat definitely helps, it doesn’t really do much to help tone up your body. So this week I will be reviewing some products received complimentary from that may assist with reducing body fat. We are always looking for…