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What You Should Know About Antimicrobial Countertops

After losing our home during the recession 9 years ago, hubby and I were finally able to buy a house again over the summer. Yay! But our new home is “cozy” and needs a bit of cosmetic work. So far, we have replaced the floors in the kitchen and stained over the ugly oak cabinets. Next up, we are going to tackle the yucky beige laminate countertops. But there are so many different options. I’ve been hearing a lot about Antimicrobial countertops and REALLY want them for my kitchen. Here’s why…

Renovating your kitchen and can't decide on a countertop? Antimicrobial countertops are not only beautiful, but can help keep your family from getting sick! Here's why... Antimicrobial countertops secrets revealed.[Tweet theme=”basic-full”]Renovating your kitchen? Antimicrobial countertops are beautiful and can keep your family from getting sick! How?[/Tweet]

Why Antimicrobial Countertops are So Cool

Antimicrobial countertops actually kill microorganisms like the norovirus, salmonella and E. Coli! As a mom, one of our biggest worries is keeping the house clean for our children.

After all, illnesses spread so easily, especially in a busy household. And when the hubby gets a cold, it’s usually the end of the world right?

This is why I need Antimicrobial countertops!
This is why I need Antimicrobial countertops! Yes, that is my ugly laminate counter. Don’t laugh!

When someone in my home is sick, I am a fanatic about spraying Lysol and using disinfecting wipes on every doorknob, remote, and even the toilet handle. It’s exhausting. Plus usually I end up getting sick anyway.

But wouldn’t it be great to not have to worry about having to do that to your countertops?

Renovating your kitchen? Antimicrobial countertops are beautiful and can keep your family from getting sick! Here's how!
Renovating your kitchen? Antimicrobial countertops are beautiful and can keep your family from getting sick! Here’s how!

It’s a no brainer for me.

Freelance writer, Jane Sandwood has some great insight on Antimicrobial countertops. Check out her tips below and see why Antimicrobial countertops are a fantastic option when renovating your kitchen.

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Could An Antimicrobial Countertop Be Mom’s Best Friend?

Could Antimicrobial Countertops be a mom's best friend by keeping your kids from getting sick?
Could Antimicrobial Countertops be a mom’s best friend? (Photo by Providence Doucet on Unsplash)

The kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home where you prepare, cook and store food.  It is also prone to bacteria and harmful pathogens.

As a mom, you want to make sure that everyone in the family stays safe and healthy. If you are unsure about sanitation and odor control in your kitchen, then you should try getting an antimicrobial countertop to keep your family safe from microbes and viruses that can make everyone sick.

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How Antimicrobial Countertops Work

Countertops are made from different materials such as quartz, granite, marble, tile, wood, and laminate.

Antimicrobial Countertops such as Silestone quartz can repel and protect against bacteria.
Antimicrobial Countertops such as Silestone® quartz can repel and protect against bacteria.

While you probably would not invest so much money in granite and marble, there are worktop materials that are not only beautiful but best of all, they are the kind of countertops that repel and protect against bacteria and germs.

These antimicrobial countertops are impregnated with a special substance that kills bacteria and prevents them from multiplying. Remember, bacteria replicate very quickly. Imagine millions of them present in your home!

Fortunately, there are several choices of antimicrobial countertops that you can choose from such as silicate, laminate, or copper. For instance, copper oxide impregnated surfaces have been tested to kill off bacterial pathogens.

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Shopping for a Cheap Countertop

If you are planning on remodeling, getting an antimicrobial countertop might quickly turn into an expensive activity.

The good news is there are several ways to cut down on costs when purchasing a new countertop.

Check out sites like Ebates and Groupon to see if you can save money on kitchen countertops
Check out sites like Ebates and Groupon to see if you can save money on kitchen countertops!
  • Shop around and canvass for the best prices. You can also make a short list of countertops that you would consider and those that fit your budget. You might consider approaching manufacturers or wholesale companies for an honest review of their countertops in exchange for a freebie. It never hurts to ask, but if you want to score a free gift, this might be a great opportunity to not only get a good countertop but also spread the positive word out there.
  • Call suppliers and see what sales or promotional offers they have coming up. That would get your countertop cheaper. Also, if you don’t mind having the previous year’s model or the last of the series, you will get a considerable chunk of discounts.
  • There are also coupon sites like Ebates or Groupon that you may be able to use to get rebates on your final purchase. When researching stores online, see if these sites have specials or ways you can get you cash back on your purchase! You can even combine Ebates with Groupon to save money + get cash back at the same time!
  • Often, bundled sets come out cheaper. For example, if you are changing some cabinets or vanity, or maybe redoing your kitchen and your bathroom at the same time, getting a bundle is cost-effective.

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Fitting an antimicrobial countertop is one way to prevent your kitchen from turning into a nest of germs and bacteria. And if you can snag a countertop intelligently, all the better.

As a frugal mom, it is in your genes to get the best deal possible while keeping your family safe with antimicrobial countertops.

Antimicrobial counertops sounds like winner to me! You can read Jane’s full guide here:

Now I just have to select the color!

What type of countertops do you have in your kitchen? If money was no object, what type of countertop would you choose? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.

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  1. I had no idea that groupon had deals for home upgrades like counter tops! We have dark granite so it is hard to see where it is dirty and I dont like that. (so I dont recommend a really dark one). The copper sounds intriguing.

  2. We chose quartz for our countertops. To be honest, I never even considered whether or not they were antibacterial! But as a mother with young kids it’s an important thing to think about when choosing countertops.

  3. savorthebestcooks savorthebestcooks

    I had no idea that anti-microbial countertops were available. That is genius! This would really be a great way to cut down on all the bacteria that can accumulate in the kitchen.

  4. We loved our granite counter tops, but it was a tough choice to choose the right cleaner. I am a big fan of bleach spray but there are fears of too much bleach on granite. In the end, we just used the bleach and the anti microbial properties together and kept things doubly sanitized.

  5. Ohh I had no idea about this! I wont rush buying one now but I definetly put this in mind when moving to a new house! So this is a great information for those who are buying a new home!

  6. I am having the not so expensive countertop at the moment but I am really wishing to have the quartz top, it would be my next project. But this anti microbial would also be a good choice.

  7. Wow I had no idea that Antimicrobial counters actually killed the germs! This is perfect for families. Also congrats on buying a home. That must feel so exciting!

  8. I had never heard about antimicrobial countertops. My kitchen does need a lot of updating but we have not taken that plunge. When we do this sounds like a no brainer.

  9. My husband has installed a lot of the antimicrobial countertops. They’re Definately increasing in popularity.

  10. I have never heard of this product and something to really consider. We are thinking of putting new counter tops in our kitchen and I will have to be sure and look these up.

  11. I’ve never heard of this counter tops but they do look and sound like a great idea,will read more on them. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Microbial countertops are such a good idea. Great review! Thank you for sharing.

    Sondra xx

  13. Groupon has a lot to offer these days. I am such a neat freak and I scrub my counter constantly. Even though it is not needed

  14. I didn’t even realize that there were counters like this. I’m a fanatic about keeping mine free of germs. It would give me a peace of mind knowing I had antimicrobial countertops along with my cleaning habits.

  15. It’s actually a very good concept especially since the countertops is where we cook our food. It’s something that I would like to have in my kitchen.

  16. Jeanine Jeanine

    All such great info I had no idea about before. We don’t own currently, but when we do this will be great knowledge to have!

  17. I found this article quite interesting. I’m in the market for new countertops and am not quite sure yet which ones will be best for me. Thanks for this info.

  18. What a genius idea! And even better that groupon offers deals on them. Countertops and any home rennovations could be sooo expensive!

  19. Interesting idea to store for later. Also, note to self, check out ebates. Im hearing sbout it so frequently now, it feels like a must. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I have never even heard of this before! Why haven’t I heard of this before?! This is definitely something I would consider putting in our home…in fact we are thinking about building next year, and I am going to do some more research on this.

  21. Now this is my kind of countertop! Sounds like something I need in my house. Congrats on your new home!

  22. These counters would be perfect in restaurants that serve meat! Some of the things I have seen in a kitchen disturb me! We don’t have to worry about our counters, just veggies touch ours! 🙂

  23. I am super paranoid when it comes to the cleanliness of my countertops. I clean them three times with different products just to ensure that its clean. This review is perfect for me!

  24. Sophie Sophie

    That sounds absolutely perfect! I had no idea these counter tops existed and am always paranoid about germs.

  25. Thanks for explaining all about that. I didn’t realize all the different things they had. I also never knew that you could find great details about counter tops on Groupon. I really need to check them out more often.

  26. I heard of anti-microbial countertops before and they are certainly in rage nowadays. If I were to pick I’d like to have a quartz countertop.

  27. I never heard of antimicrobial countertops, but is a great idea. I am for anything that cuts down on icky germs, especially when you have little kids around.

  28. I’ve never heard about antimicrobial countertop so this was a very interesting read for my. It could be very useful in our kitchen!

  29. With two young kids, I can definitely see the benefits of having an antibacterial countertop. One less thing to worry about.

  30. Never hear of this before in Australia! I’m a nurse so this is right up my alley! Interesting read, thanks for sharing.

  31. This is brilliant. As a mom I want to ensure that my kids are safe from germs and other harmful bacteria. I was surprised that this is possible.

  32. beautiful kitchens. I have a small apartment with a small kitchen. Those countertops are great. It’s so important to keep things germ free and it’s great to know that the countertops are made with that in mind. Now someone want to buy me a house so i can get those countertops…lol

  33. We have black marble counter tops. I love any type of countertop that’s made from a stone!! They just look so chic

  34. I didn’t know these existed! I definitely have to get one when I get my own place!

  35. Shell Shell

    I had never heard of this before but it sounds amazing!!! I’m building a new house next year and I will definitely request the contractor use these!!!!

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