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Why I think Magnifying Makeup Mirrors Suck!

Magnifying Makeup Mirrors Suck!

Magnifying makeup mirrors are extremely handy for precise makeup application and personal grooming tasks. But if you don’t already own one and are considering getting one for yourself, you might want to read this first. I’m going to share with you some examples of these preposterous beasts and why I think they suck.  What are Magnifying Makeup Mirrors? Magnifying makeup mirrors are basically small mirrors that…

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Are ethanol fireplaces better for your health and the environment? Lets learn the truth.

The Truth About Ethanol Fireplaces

Everyone loves the idea of snuggling in front of a cozy fireplace with loved ones or maybe with their 10 cats. But did you know that fireplaces can pollute the air and are not good for our health? Today ethanol fireplaces are becoming super popular but are they really better for us and the environment?  Let’s discuss the truth about…

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