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Phoenix vs Los Angeles - Where would YOU rather live?

Phoenix vs Los Angeles – Where Would YOU Live?

Phoenix vs Los Angeles People from Southern California are spoiled. I mean L.A. has everything! The beach, the desert, the mountains, and a bustling city. What more do you need? But when people from L.A. talk about their next-door neighbor Phoenix, AZ there is a little bit of a rivalry going on. Why is that? Culture differences? Jealousy? There’s no denying that…

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How to Get a Job Interview & Reasons Why You're Probably Not

How to Get a Job Interview

How to Get a Job Interview And why you’re probably not… With more and more jobs being shipped overseas and human jobs being replaced by robots, the job market is becoming more and more competitive. I have been through a wide range of jobs throughout my life and have had my fair share of job interviews over the years. Now that I…

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