EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seed Kit Review

EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds

EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds

Organic vegetables are expensive. And I am cheap. So in order to save money, my hubby and I like to grow our own vegetables so my family can have fresh, healthy food. When I saw this gift box of EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds available on Tomoson to review complimentary, I thought this would be a really cool thing to try out in our vertical mobile garden system

Grow your own organic veggies with this adorable EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seed Kit

Grow your own organic veggies with this adorable EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seed Kit

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What is so special about EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds?

Heirloom seeds can be passed down and saved.

Heirloom seeds can be passed down and saved.

  1. These seeds are Open Pollinated. This means that they are pollinated naturally by insects, birds, wind, or humans.
  2. EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds are USDA certified organic. They are grown through integrated pest management, crop-rotation, and non-synthetic fertilizers.
  3. They are verified as Non GMO. When plants are genetically modified, scientists remove genes from a bacteria, virus or animal and then combine them with the DNA of a plant with the hopes that this modification will make the plant express traits of the gene. Isn’t that scary? Since these are Non GMO, you can be certain that you are only getting real vegetables, the way nature intended.
  4. The seeds are of the Heirloom variety. Heirloom seeds are seeds from plants that have been passed down over several generations and saved. These types of seeds can be harvested over and over again.

What comes in the EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds Kit

Eco Farms Organic Vegetable Seeds – Unboxing and Review

Watch this video on YouTube.

This kit has some great seeds to get a novice or even a professional gardener started. You will receive 10 small round containers that include the following variety of vegetables:

Tendersweet Carrot (50-70 seeds)
Red Burgundy Onion (50-70 seeds)
Golden Beauty Corn (7-12 seeds)
Long Purple Eggplant (40-50 seeds)
Delikatesse Cucumber (10-15 seeds)
Brandywine Tomato (15-20 seeds)
California Wonder Pepper (30-40 seeds)
Calabrese Broccoli  (50-60 seeds)
Great Lakes 118 Lettuce (30-40 seeds)
Utah 5270 Celery (50-60 seeds)

This vegetable seed kit from EcoFarms Online comes with everything you see here.

This kit comes with everything you see here.

I love that the little jars have a picture of the seed on the side and on the lid so you can easily tell which is which. They even include instructions and a zone map that shows you how and when to plant your seeds. Since we live in Phoenix, AZ we are going to have to wait until the fall to plant our seeds. I can’t wait to grow our own onions and eggplant. Yum!

Unfortunately when I received my kit, I was missing the broccoli seeds. I also noticed that I only received 3 kernels of corn. However, I contacted EcoFarms and they said they were going to send me a new jar of broccoli and corn free of charge. I learned that this is a small start-up family business. Dom (the person I spoke with from EcoFarms) and his mom stay up late at night to hand pack each jar after working full-time jobs all day. I can certainly understand that things can get overlooked when burning the midnight oil. This really seems to be a labor of love.

10 different varieties of heirloom seeds

Look at all the pretty seeds! But where’s the broccoli?

Final Thoughts on EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds

Grow your own salad!

Grow your own salad!

Overall I think this is a very nice kit in a really attractive package. But if you are getting it as a gift for someone, you will want to check each jar to make sure everything is there. Allow yourself some time for the company to send you replacements in case you are missing anything before giving it as a gift. If you do run into a problem, they certainly provide excellent customer service and really care about making things right for their customers. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them!

And for every 5 kits they sell, they donate one to a local school and nursing home. I love that!  So if you are interested in starting up your own organic vegetable garden or know of someone who would like to try their hand at growing vegetables, this makes an excellent gift!

You can find the EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seed Kit on Amazon for around $17. They also have wildflower seed kits too.

What is your favorite vegetable? Have you ever tried to grow your own from seeds? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: This product was received complimentary in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click-through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

Grow your own salad from scratch with EcoFarms Organic Vegetable Seeds

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