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Do Eyebrow Stamps Really Work?

How do Eyebrow Stamps work on a girl with NO eyebrows?

I made a stupid mistake back in the 90s and I had my eyebrows tattooed. But since the tattoo is higher than my natural brows, I have to shave my eyebrows off and just draw them on. But now I’m over that penciled look and am always looking for the newest eyebrow product on the market. So when I saw the Kiss I-Envy Eyebrow Stamps, I knew I just HAD to try them. I mean, I have no eyebrows, so this would be fool-proof for me, right?

Do eyebrow stamps really work?

Do eyebrow stamps work on someone with no eyebrows? Watch this Kiss Eyebrow Stamp review + video & see for yourself! Click To Tweet

These Eyebrow Stamps are Bigger then I thought…

The shape you see on the outside of the stamp is deceiving. On the outside you see a lovely thin arched eyebrow, which is is how I usually design my eyebrows. But the actual sponge applicator is thicker. So keep this in mind!

The stamps themselves are much bigger than the little design on the top
The stamps themselves are much bigger than the little design on the top. Look at the difference!

To use the product for the first time, just put that spongy thing into the groove in the plastic stamp. Then press the stamp into the powder, ensuring that the entire sponge is covered in color.

Then just press onto your eyebrow and hope for the best.

Not sure if I'm applying the eyebrow stamp correctly.
Um…Am I doing this right?
Me with my huge eyebrows. Do you think they look natural?
Me with my huge eyebrows. Do you think they look natural?

My first impression was that it was thick! A little too thick. Like Groucho Marx thick. If you don’t know who he is, just picture those fake glasses with eyebrows and a mustache – yeah those were designed after that guy. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you are probably too young to be wearing makeup.

I'm not feeling the Groucho Marx eyebrows
I’m not feeling the Groucho Marx eyebrows

At first I thought maybe I just wasn’t doing it right, like maybe I moved the sponge around and smudged the makeup. So I moved over to the 2nd brow. Waaaahh!! It was also super thick.

Stamp on eyebrows are not foolproof
Maybe I’m just not used to them being so thick…

Does Practice Make Perfect?

I figured that maybe I just need a little practice, so I wiped them off, covered my tattoos with makeup and started the process again. The 2nd time around I completely missed my eyebrow entirely. WTH!

These are not fool-proof. And because you can’t see behind the stamp, they are actually kind of hard to use. The video below shows me trying the product for the very first time.

How do Eyebrow Stamps work on a girl with NO eyebrows?

Watch this video on YouTube.

Final thoughts on Kiss I-Envy Eyebrow Stamps

I am very sad about this. I REALLY wanted to like this product and I’m probably going to keep practicing with it. Maybe I’m just not used to having such thick eyebrows. But with my teeny tiny eyes, big bushy brows aren’t really my thing.

This is how I prefer to have my eyebrows.
This is how I prefer to have my eyebrows.

So unfortunately, at this time, I can’t really use the stamp. But I will continue to use the powder. The color is nice and works well for me. And I will continue my search to find that perfect (elusive) eyebrow product out there for a girl with no eyebrows. Stay tuned…

Have you ever tried stamp on eyebrows? What products do you like to use on your brows? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: I did not receive a free product. I paid for this item with my own money. All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

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  1. I have never seen such a thing! That’s a pretty nice contraption though! And I thought the thicker eyebrows looked very nice! You should give them another shot!

  2. I have never even heard or seen this! I think I have to agree with you that they are too thick for you…or anyone for that matter! I like my eyebrows thin. And I am not 100% sure about this, but I kind of think the market for people who would use this product would be tiny!

  3. Interesting. You look great, but these just would not be for me. I had never heard of this before reading the post.

  4. Never heard of such a thing but looks like a time saver for sure. I liked your pics as well.

  5. Great video review. Honest & real. I loved seeing how this was used I have never tried it before but had seen it. #productreviewparty

  6. You do the most amazing real reviews.I love it that you share your entire look and not just a part of the face.
    Shows guts and self confidence. I like thin arched eyebrows too.This is more for theatres than realwomen?

  7. I am with you, your tattoo eyebrows look so much better! I love how honest you are! I know that I am getting the best info 🙂

  8. HAHA, I am also eyebrow challenged and this would have been a great solution if it worked. Love that you provided an honest review, I agree with the groucho comparison!

  9. Veronica Veronica

    OMG I never knew these stamps existed! Have you heard of this new technique called microblading? I would never ever tell those eyebrows were not natural.

    • I have heard of microblading and it really looks fantastic! But after my bad luck with eyebrow tattoos, I would want to see how the microblade technique looks after a few years before I shell out the big $$ for it.

  10. Terri Steffes Terri Steffes

    I read your post with great interest and a lot of laughs. I have spotty eyebrows and I fell like I have tried everything. Sigh. Not tatoos, though.

  11. Jeanine Jeanine

    Wow I had heard some talk about these but I never really paid attention. These are very interesting!!

  12. toughcookiemommy toughcookiemommy

    I never even knew that eyebrow stamps like this one existed. I agree with you that the stamp comes out a little too thick for my tastes. I think I would have to practice applying them too.

  13. this is my first time hearing about eyebrow stamps! how cool =) I actually think it looks good on you, both ways.

  14. I never even knew there was a such thing as an eyebrow stamp. Maybe there is a reason why I didn’t know, they are horrible! Way too thick! #ProductReviewParty

  15. It was a great tool especially for those beginners who are still experimenting with the shape of their eyebrow. Love to try one of those eyebrow stamp.

  16. I’ve never seen this before but it look real cool! I liked the way it made your brows look!

  17. Angela Angela

    I had not heard of these. I have the opposite problem, thick, bushy brows 🙂 I think this is a great idea and you look great with them, they look real!

  18. I have never heard of this before. My Husband would laugh so hard. I think you’d need the right color and shape. That’s too hard to find for everybody’s unique look.

  19. I guess it depends on the person using it. I’ve read mixed reviews about these stamps and that’s why I’m still hesitant to try them up to now. I think I’m pretty happy with how my eyebrows are right now after reading this.

  20. staciesayzso staciesayzso

    I haven’t seen this before either but I think it looks good. I’d try it though because it could help me figure out the shape and I could tweeze it afterward.

  21. Taylor Taylor

    Great little review! I think you look much better with the thicker brows!! They actually make your eyes look bigger ?

  22. Mári Mári

    Your eyes don’t look tiny at all! I liked the look on you, it looked youthful. Both my nieces are big into that thick sculpted eyebrow look, but they are in their twenties. I find it looks alluring on me as well tho, and I’m in my 50s. ?

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