How to save money and get cash back with Ibotta


How to get cash back from Ibotta

There’s this great app called Ibotta that helps you get cash back from grocery purchases. They have rebates available from all of the major chain grocery stores. Many of the items on there are sponsored products, but what I really love is that they also give you a discount on staples like milk, eggs, and produce. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a coupon for bananas! And the nice thing about it is you can stack coupons with this app. For example, say you have a coupon for $1.00 of 5 Yoplait yogurts. Ibotta has a rebate of 20 cents for any brand of yogurt. You just saved $1.20 off your total purchase! The items change week to week, but some of them stay on for a little while longer.

 So even if you never use a coupon a day in your life, you can still use this app to earn free cash!
Earn free cash with Ibotta

Earn free cash with Ibotta

  Here is how it works:
  1. Download the app and sign up for Ibotta. If you use my referral link, we can be on the same team and save even more!
  2. Look up your local store and click on the items that you are planning to buy and answer a simple question or watch a short video.
  3. Go shopping at your store.
  4. When you get home scan the barcodes of the items you unlocked the rebates for and then scan your receipt.
  5. After your purchases are verified, they deposit cash into your account after a few days.
  6. You can also get bonuses for doing tasks and when you find your other friends from Facebook or email, who are also on Ibotta, you get even more $ through your “team”!
Use Ibotta to save on produce, dairy, and more

You can save on many grocery staples and don’t even need coupons!

Ibotta also offers rebates on online purchases and even restaurants. If  you sign up for Ibotta using the links I have provided on this website, you can be a part of my team. Check it out and let’s make some free cash!

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