How to get free cash using your receipts with Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

How to get cash back from Receipt Hog

Here we have Receipt Hog. This is another app that requires you to take a photo of your receipt from your phone. It also has a bonus game where you can play slots for even more points. They pay you in the form of Paypal or an Amazon gift card when you have the minimum amount of “coins”. Once you reach 1000 coins you can earn increments of $5 in free cash!

Earn free money with Receipt Hog grocery app

Earn free money with Receipt Hog grocery app

If you can take a picture with your phone, you can use Receipt Hog. It takes literally seconds. You can use it on receipts for all of your purchases, even those made at convenience stores and liquor stores. You also can earn spins for every friend that joins using your referral code and snaps a receipt. There are opportunities to take paid surveys and even win free shopping trips! So start saving your receipts and make some extra cash. It’s so easy. What are you waiting for? Sign up for now!

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