Get free stuff from Bzz Agent


How to Get Free Stuff from BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a website that anyone can join. You receive free full-sized products that you get to test out and review. They even give you coupons to pass out to your friends. The whole point is to generate a “Buzz” and get the word out. Also your insight helps the sponsors better their products and marketing campaigns. Initially I had to wait a while to get into my first campaign, but since I joined in 2011 and I have done over 40 campaigns and counting! Check out my blog for a full list of items received from BzzAgent.

Get free stuff with BzzAgent

How it works: You just need to sign up at and do some initial surveys about your lifestyle and products that you use, and link up your social media accounts. When a campaign comes along that they think you would be a good fit for, they send you an invitation via email. The campaigns fill up quickly, so you want to jump in right away. Then they will give you tasks to fulfill such as posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your blog (if you have one). The tasks are pretty quick and painless. The more you do, the better your score, and the more opportunities you have to get free stuff!

I have gotten to test many different full size products for free from cosmetics, to full size meals, and even dog food! Most of the items are found at local Kroger stores. Below is just a small sampling of some of the cool products received complimentary in each kit:

Get free stuff from Bzz Agent

Check out this spread!

Free full size bottle of Excedrin

Free full size bottle of Excedrin with coupons

Simple Truth Organic Products from Kroger and Bzz Agent

Simple Truth Organic Products from Kroger and BzzAgent

Harry Wiener even got his own dog food Bzz Kit

Harry Wiener even got his own dog food Bzz Kit

There's always room for free Apple Pie

There’s always room for free apple pie

As an added bonus, the surveys and campaigns you do earn you bonus points that you can redeem for cool items on a site called My Points. There are other ways to earn points and get even more free things like gift cards just by doing things on the My Points website. For me, it’s just a perk of doing the Bzz campaigns.

If you sign up for BzzAgent, don’t get discouraged if you aren’t picked for a BzzAgent review kit right away. It took me about 3 months to get my first one. Just make sure to fill out all of the initial surveys, keep an eye on your emails for invitations, and jump in quickly! Now I usually get several campaigns per year.Once you get a campaign, you will be asked to do a few simple tasks. These tasks range from posting on a few different social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. They don’t have to be glowing reviews if you didn’t like the product. Your opinions should just be honest.

Ready to join? Sign up here!

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