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How to get free stuff with Tomoson

There is this fantastic site called Tomoson. This is where the professional bloggers and product testers sign up to get their free stuff. Many up and coming companies use Tomoson to find people to write about and review their products on various social mediums. Some of them even PAY YOU to write for them!


Some of them have strict requirements such as a minimum number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, and an Amazon Prime account and you must link up your accounts with them when you sign up. But others have no prerequisites. As seen in the example below, I have drawn arrows to show you what to look for.

Tomoson Prerequisites
Tomoson Prerequisites
  • For the Herbal Body Wrap, the only prerequisite is that you live in the US. Under tasks to complete, you just need to blog about the product.
  • For the socks, there are no prerequisites. Just apply and if you are approved, they expect you to blog about the product and have provided you a hash tag.
  • For the Sleep Well for Kids Giveaway, they require you to have more than 100 Facebook friends and fans and more than 100 Twitter followers, and you must also live in the united states. The tasks require you to post on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The types of items you can get for free include everything from Ebooks, to beauty products, home goods, clothes, and even electronics. Not EVERYTHING on Tomoson is free, however. You need to pay attention to the individual promotion. I personally would not sign up for anything that makes me pay any money. That defeats the purpose, right? As long as you fulfill the tasks within the specified time frame, you can get a higher rating and continue to get free products. It is so addicting!

You, my friend, have nothing to lose. Sign up for as many free products as you like and see what you can get! And tell me all about it. I’d love to hear what free products you have gotten from Tomoson.


  1. I’m going to have to check Tomoson out again. I had an account a couple of years ago and I never received anything from them. Could be worth a look again. #bloggingboost

    • You should definitely give them another try. Once you get started with one or two campaigns and get your stats going, the freebies can come like gangbusters! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. ?

  2. Thanks of much for sharing this. I had no idea that Tomoson even existed and am looking forward to trying them out.

    Allison Jones

    • Tomoson is amazing. So far its the best freebie site I have come across. As a fellow blogger, you should qualify for lots of promotions too! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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