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15 Gifts for Goths (and the Morbidly Inclined)

15 Gifts for Goths 

Are you at a loss at what gifts to buy for the goth in your life? Well fear no more! What we have here is the perfect Gothic gift guide with items they are sure to love. These gifts for goths are not only stylish, but functional as well. 

Your goth will love you even more from the very bottom of their black hearts.

15 Gifts for Goths and the Morbidly Inclined.

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1. Coffin Purse

Goths love coffins - why not get them a coffin bag like this?
They’ll drop dead when they get this coffin purse. Sells for around $53 from Kreepsville 666.

This coffin purse is is a great gift for goths. I own one myself so I can vouch for it.

It has a detachable chain shoulder strap and has a window for your ID, a zippered pocket for cash or cards, and room for your phone, keys, and black lipstick. Much roomier than your coffin at home, I assume.

2. Leather Coffin Wallet for Men or Women

How cool is this coffin wallet? Functional and fashionable!
The Dead End Leather Coffin Wallet by Alchemy Gothic sells for around $65

How cool is this coffin wallet to go with your coffin purse? Has room for lots of credit cards and also has eyelet hole for a chain attachment. Plus there’s some creepy looking dude on the snap. Functional and fashionable!

3. Scary Coffee Mug

Goth skull mugs will delight any hot beverage drinker
A skull mug will delight any coffee loving Goth. Sells for around $15 on Amazon.

Creep out your colleagues with a morbid coffee mug. They’ll all want to avoid you – and that’s the way you like it.

Nobody gets between a goth and their coffee!

4. Skull Sugar Spoon

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down easier with this skull spoon.
A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down even easier with this skull spoon. Only $8 from Suck U.K.

We all know sugar is bad for us. Why not make it even worse with this skull sugar tea spoon? Just make sure it doesn’t fall out of the eye sockets. Makes a nice companion to the skull coffee mug.

5. Goth Goblets and Glassware

For when you want to drink in style, your goth will love these his and hers wine glasses.
For when you want to drink in style, your goth will love these his and hers wine glasses – $50 for the pair.

When drinking your red liquid of choice with your dearly beloved, you will want to make sure you know who’s is who’s. Don’t mix them up with these huge his and hers wine glasses.

Plus they can hold 20oz – about HALF a bottle of wine! You can even get them engraved. Perfect for newlywed goths.

6. Anatomy Coasters

Keep rings on your fingers and not on your table with these anatomy coasters.
This set of 6 coasters comes with it’s own canister and sells for around $26 from Art Altered Elements

When the rest of your coven comes over to celebrate your festivities, make sure they don’t mess up your woodwork. Keep rings on your fingers and not on your table with a set of creepy coasters.

7. Spooky Serving Platter

Serve them ladyfingers with this tasteful skull platter.
This platter is microwavable and dishwasher safe. Around $26 from Sourpuss.

Your goth will love hosting gatherings with this spooky serving platter. This serving tray is perfect for serving ladyfingers or absinthe shots to your minions.

8. Salt and Pepper Shakers (Or Are They?)

Shake things up with these unique poison salt and pepper shakers. Only YOU will know the difference.
Shake things up with these unique poison salt and pepper shakers. Only $18 from Sourpuss.

Your goth will appreciate these vintage looking salt and pepper shakers. They look super cool on the counter and will make strangers uneasy. Only YOU will know what’s REALLY in them!

9. Whisky Flask  

This Ouija Board Flask is a great way to sneak a swig.
This Ouija Board Flask is a great way to sneak a swig. Around $34 from Retro-a-go-go!

Goths know that drinking at bars can get expensive. So sneak a swig outside before entering the club with this really cool flask. You can also ask it if you will get lucky before the night begins! But most goths will probably just use it for decoration.

10. Gothic Writing Journal

Write down your deepest, darkest secrets in this skull journal.
Bear your soul in this skull journal for around $13 by Cafe Press

This elegant skull notebook is perfect for tracking your dreams, making to-do lists, or jotting down your last will and testament.

11. Morbid Pens

Syringe pens are a fun way to write down your poetry or last living will and testament
Syringe pens are a fun way to write down your poetry or eulogy.

What good is a journal without a cool pen? Your goth will be proud to use one of these syringe pens. Perfect for teens as well. Their teacher will probably get a kick out of them too.

12. Goth Coloring Book

Explore your creative side with this Goth coloring book.
Explore your creative side with this Goth coloring book. Sells for $5 + shipping on Amazon.

Give your goth a giggle with this coloring book for goths. Unleash your creativity using only black ink to create your works of art. Even those with the darkest of hearts will find it humorous.

13. Compact Mirror

Because every goth needs a mirror to touch up their makeup.
Because every goth needs a mirror to touch up their makeup.

Goths love their makeup. A compact mirror is one of the most essential gifts for goths since they need to make sure their eyeliner is still in place. This will fit perfectly in their coffin purse too!

14. Classic Black T-Shirt

Goth girls and guys will both agree with this T-shirt!
Goth girls and guys will both agree with this T-shirt!

Goths are nothing if not fashionable. But getting dressed up takes work! So for daytime wear, show them how you feel with this classic black T-shirt. This is a gift both goth girls and boys will appreciate.

15. Goth Treasure Box

Perfect for trinkets, jewelry, or mementos, your goth will love this Edgar Allen Poe Jewelry Box
Perfect for trinkets, jewelry, or ashes, your goth will love this velvet lined Edgar Allen Poe Jewelry Box – Around $25 from Cafe Press

Whether it’s jewelry, teeth, or animal bones, a goth always values their treasures. But they need a cool place to store them. So a jewelry box is naturally one of the best gifts for goths – especially ones that are as beautiful on the outside as the goodies they keep inside.

There are so many more amazing gifts for goths but I will save them for future posts.

What do you think of these gifts for goths? Do you know of anyone who would enjoy something like this? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

Gothic Gift Guide for the Morbidly Inclined

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  1. I had absolutely no idea that there are Goth purses ,serving trays. Salt and pepper shaker with that written?
    It will be a mini heart attack everytime you use it.Amazing guide

  2. Hey hon, freaking awesome list! #ProductReviewParty

  3. I love that skull mug- I need it for my desk at school (English teacher). My youngest loves gothic items. Her favorite is her Coraline doll.

  4. I must admit I wouldn’t have known where to begin with buying any goth a present but this post is really useful.

  5. I don’t know any goth but I found this list really interesting. I quite like those glasses.

  6. Yvette Yvette

    I want that Poe box for me!!! I love it!

  7. I love the goblets and glassware as well as the Edgar Allen Poe box… so gothically cool!

  8. Amber Amber

    What cool things! I actually really like that coffin wallet since it’s so different.

  9. Sonya K Sonya K

    Now this is a very original gift guide. I’ve never seen a gift guide for Goths. Great ideas!!!

  10. I have a niece these would be perfect for. Thanks for such a creative guide. I’d have a hard time coming up with these on my own.

  11. This is the coolest gift guide I’ve seen yet. Lol. And I’d so take that Edgar Allen Poe jewelry box for myself!

  12. lovely goodies for Goth friends! I’ve got my Goth friend a new sets of makeup coz she needs to ditch her old kits.

  13. I didn’t know this was still a thing. I remember it being big when I was in middle school. Interesting picks, nonetheless.

  14. Kim Kim

    My family has a goth in it! My brother would be interested in getting any of these gifts. I never know what to get him either.

  15. This is such a cool post. I am the opposite of a goth in real life, but I do feel like we all have a little bit of inner goth! The anatomy coasters are the best. And the morbid pens? So awesome.

  16. These are interesting gift ideas. This is the first time I’ve seen a gift guide like this.

  17. You have made my day! I have no one to buy any of this for anymore (my daughter was goth for years) but I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the very cool products! Thank you so much

  18. almostindianwife almostindianwife

    These are so fun! My favorite off the list are definitely the coasters! They’re so fun! I could see my kids thinking they are amazing!

  19. Hahaha! This is super cool! Even though I’m not goth I would surely love thos wine glasses! Great ideas!

  20. These are such unique and interested gift ideas! I love how specific your gift guide is.

  21. Oh my gosh. Are goths still a thing?? I’m a teacher and haven’t seen a goth in so long. Also, these gifts creep me out a little! Haha!

  22. tumbleweedsandbigdreams tumbleweedsandbigdreams

    You definitely have a collection of interesting stuff here. The coffin shaped wallet is very unique. I can’t say that I have ever seen these things before.

  23. These are very unique gifts. However, I don’t know of any goths. I knew of some back in high school.


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