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Obsessed with Healthy Teeth

OCD about Healthy Teeth

I am a little bit obsessed with having healthy teeth. I wasn’t always this way. I have never had a cavity in my entire 41 years of life. But unfortunately, I was cursed with genetic periodontal problems which I have been fighting with ever since I had braces as a kid of twelve. When you have braces, it is extremely hard to get your teeth clean and keep your gums healthy.  I had to have my first deep cleaning when I was 15. If you don’t know what a deep cleaning is, it is where they have to inject your gums with Novocaine and use lots of noisy and sharp tools to clean underneath the gums. They can only do one side of your mouth at a time. For a kid of 15, it was kind of a traumatic experience. At that time, it was just the early stages of gingivitis. And what teenager even thinks about flossing? Heck, I didn’t.

But as I got older and into my mid 20s the gingivitis turned into periodontal disease. I still wasn’t into flossing but I did have to endure another deep cleaning as the “pockets” between my gums were getting worse. My gums got puffier. But that only made me brush my teeth harder. I was still young and careless, I didn’t have time for flossing.

Then I hit my 30s and was told that my gums have been receding and have been experiencing bone loss. What does this mean? This means that not only do I have receding gums, but I also have loose teeth! So while to this date, I have still never had a cavity or had to have any major dental work, I am in serious danger of needing dentures. I am too young for this! So since I learned that my teeth are actually lose, I make it a point to see my dentist every six months (sometimes more often) where I must have perio-maintenance (gum scraping) performed in order to keep my teeth from falling out. So in between visits, I brush my teeth twice a day. And now that I’m in my early 40’s who has time for flossing? This girl. Every. Single. day.

So today I’m going to talk about some great products to try that will help you keep your teeth pearly white and your gums healthy.

Listerine Ultraclean Floss

Being that I am no stranger to floss, I have tried several different varieties from waxed, unwaxed, and flavored. But sometimes the standard string floss gets stuck between my teeth and the strings even occasionally separate turning the floss into threads. This is why I was open to trying out a sample of Listerine Ultraclean floss (formerly branded as Reach) free from a program called CrowdTap in exchange for my honest review. I will discuss more about CrowdTap in a future post, but you visit the CrowdTap website to learn more.

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Listerine UltraClean Dental Floss

What I like about this floss is that it is really stretchy. It is blue and almost feels like smooth plastic or rubber and not at all like string. It easily glides through the teeth easily without getting stuck. And as an added bonus, it has a mint flavor that is really subtle and not overpowering, but it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Even for people who don’t normally floss, this Listerine Ultraclean floss makes flossing actually fun! I am definitely going to replace my usual floss with this excellent product.

You can find Listerine Ultraclean Mint Floss here on Amazon and at most major retailers.

Are you good about flossing? I promise I won’t tell your dentist. What kind of products do you use (if any) to keep your teeth and gums healthy? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

Dr. Whitening Nano Whitening Brush

In my quest to keep all my teeth in my head, my dentist turned me on to this treatment called Perio-Protect where I have to put this medication into a mouth guard and have to wear it several times a day that he stated will regenerate bone in my teeth. Unfortunately one of the side effects of this medication is major staining on my teeth. The dentist said they can remove the stains at my next cleaning, but that is once every 6 months. And for now, It’s really embarrassing.

Perio Protect stained my teeth
My yucky stained teeth. And I don’t even smoke!

Fortunately the front of my teeth aren’t stained too badly, but it’s really noticeable (at least to me) in between my teeth and towards the back. I’ve used bleaching gels and whitening strips, but they always taste so gross and are really gooey. I just can’t get into them. But when I saw that this product doesn’t use bleach or gels, I was really intrigued. So I applied for this free product through Tomoson and here is my honest review.

The box arrived and it was very small, about the size of a deck of cards. But it looks like they put a lot of care into the packaging. There is a fabric tag that you use to slide open the box. Inside you will find 2 applicators with the strips already on them, 2 silver foil packs containing more strips, and an instruction manual.

Dr. Whitening Nano Whitening Brush Kit
Dr. Whitening Nano Whitening Brush Kit

This product is so easy to use! You just run the applicator head under running water and then just scrub your teeth with it. It’s not really a brush. It’s more like a sponge. There is no goo, no bleach, and no medicine. It basically works like a magic eraser. You can even see the stains come off on the white strip! Check out my how-to video:

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My stains are really dark so I had to scrub really hard to get them off. So hard in fact, that the sponge started to tear a little bit. But rather than waste it, what I did was open the applicator and pulled the strip down so I had more to work with. Also the stains I have on my teeth are in between them and the tip was still a bit to thick to get at it, so I took the strip out of the applicator and basically flossed with it. Of course if your teeth are too close together, this probably won’t work, but you can still put the sponge on your finger to get in harder to reach spots if the applicator can’t.

Changing out the strips was a little challenging at first because the applicator just didn’t want to open and I didn’t want to break a nail. So I got a pair of tweezers and it worked like a charm. Then you just place a new strip over the plastic piece inside, fold it over, and snap it shut. Boom, you are ready to go.

I have only used this product once so far, but I already notice a difference. There is still a bit of stains left in between the teeth where I couldn’t reach, but the majority of them are gone.

Dr. Whitening Nano Whitening Bush After Photo
Much of the staining was gone after the 1st use!

I am pretty impressed. The manufacturer recommends using every 15-20 days, but because it’s so fun to use, I have a feeling I’m going to go through this box very quickly. I plan to buy more in the future. If it works this well on these deep-set stains, I can only imagine how well it would work for normal every day stains.

You can find Dr. Whitening Nano Whitening Brush on Amazon for around $30.

Do you notice a difference? How do you keep your teeth pearly white? I’d love to hear about what products you use. Leave me a comment below!

Intellident Toothbrush and Mouth Guard Shields

I have a little confession to make. I keep all my dental supplies in my kitchen. Why? Because since I have to stick to a daily regimen and I don’t want to miss out on my TV shows.  My husband just loves that I leave it there. (Can you sense my sarcasm).  However, this way I can brush my teeth and not miss out on what’s happening on The Walking Dead. So he thoughtfully got me a little mug to keep my toothbrush and toothpaste in which is right next to the kitchen sink. I call it my dental “station”.

Toothbrush in the kitchen
My dental “station” where I keep my toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouth guard kit right next to the paper towels.

I have no plans to move my dental station anytime soon, but since it’s in the kitchen (where we also keep the bananas), we’ve recently had a couple of unwanted guests. Yes, we have been fighting a battle with fruit flies in and around my sink. ACK!!! I don’t want those suckers touching my toothbrush! But I refuse to keep it in the bathroom where there are poop germs flying around. Yeah… Think about THAT! So this sample of toothbrush and mouth guard shields by Intellident arrived just in the nick of time.

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Intellident Toothbrush and Mouthguard Shields
Intellident Toothbrush and Mouthguard Shields

So what are toothbrush shields and what are they good for?

Basically they are breatheable antibacterial paper covers that fit over the head of your toothbrush. In fact, they are laboratory tested to be a 99.9% effective barrier against surface and airborne bacteria. So if you keep your toothbrush out in the open air in the bathroom, this is a great way to protect it against yucky stuff in the air. Remember what I said about poop germs? Yeah…

So these toothbrush shields come in a pack of 10. You simply tear open the package and slip it over the toothbrush head. They are large enough to fit all size toothbrushes. And each shield lasts up to 7 days. It’s much more hygienic than those plastic covers you take with you when travelling. Did you know those are breeding grounds for bacteria? I just hate when I travel and brush my teeth in the morning before checking out of a hotel, and my toothbrush is still wet. Bleh! So now with these covers, you can just slip it on your wet toothbrush, and throw it into your travel bag. It does a great job of soaking up the moisture too allowing your toothbrush to dry faster.

The mouth guard shield is made of the same material and protects your mouth guard in the same way. You just open the paper package, and slip your mouthguard into the pocket. And off you go! Now I am off to kill all those stinking fruit flies and I don’t have to worry about them breeding in my mouth guard or toothbrush. Yeah…

You can find these Intellident Tooth Brush Shields at many online retailer outlets such as, Amazon, and coming soon to a local retailer near you. To learn more, you can visit their website at

How and where do you normally store your toothbrush? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: These products were received complimentary in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

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  1. claskey106 claskey106

    As a person who just got braces off at 35 years old I completely understand the teeth obsession!

    • For sure! Congrats on getting your braces off. Hope it didn’t mess up your gums!

  2. Teeth are so important to our overall health and can be signs of health problems when there are teeth issues. I had cavities much of my life…it seemed like no matter how much I took care of my teeth. I now know it was due to acid reflux. Now that that is undercontrol, so are my mouth issues, but all those cavities don’t go away.

  3. Wow! Sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had with your teeth. Glad you’ve found a regiment that seems to be working though. Bone broth is also really great for teeth as well!

    • Thanks. I never heard of that. Are you just supposed to drink the bone broth?

  4. Wow that whitener sure did wonders. I have to admit I haven’t been in far too long to my dentist because, well he retired. I had braces twice and flossing definitely is not easy with retainers bolted to half your teeth. I plan on calling tomorrow to find a new dentist. Thanks for inspiring me.

    • Good luck with finding a new dentist. And don’t forget to floss! Lol 😉

  5. I remember when I had to do a deep cleaning in my late 20’s, wasn’t really a pleasant experience. However, it was an eye opener that I needed to take better care of my teeth and floss a lot more. #ProductReviewParty

    • Yeah deep cleaning is no fun at all. Hopefully you won’t ever need to go through that again!

  6. lol I love the caption under your teeth…it cracked me up…I have the opposite problem of you…although I still have a receding gum line, I’ve had an endless amount of cavities. I have the curse of poor enamel genes and guess what, so does my middle child!!! I am having to pay $3500+ to get a 4 year old’s teeth fixed!

    • Oh my goodness! That’s awful! Can’t you just wait until she loses them?

  7. nikkifrankhamilton nikkifrankhamilton

    Great products and great tips, I certainly hope that these all help you to keep your teeth! I have a reoccurring nightmare of losing my teeth, I wake up horrified! I cannot imagine how you feel and I’m so hoping that this works for you!!! Thanks for sharing, Pinning, others may need this info too!!

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