What is UP with Korean Makeup?

Korean Makeup Brands You Should Definitely Try

Korean Makeup Brands You Should Definitely Try!

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved experimenting with makeup and playing dress up. And even though I don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis, I love trying out the latest and greatest new trends and makeup discoveries. So when I was contacted by a Korean makeup brands website called BB Cosmetic and offered the opportunity to try out some of their products complimentary for review, I was all ears! 

Korean Makeup Brands You Should Definitely Try

I was not too familiar with Korean makeup brands previously but when I went to visit their website at BBCosmetic.com I was absolutely blown away! Why have I never heard of this stuff before? This website has absolutely every type of beauty product ranging from skincare, to hair products, tools, and gifts. Browsing these products make me feel like a kid in a candy store. I have never seen any of these Korean makeup brands in local U.S. stores – and that makes me sad.

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What is UP with Korean Makeup Brands?

One of the main things that separates Korean makeup brands from other makeup products is the packaging. It is so cute, bright, and clever! And they take everything so literal. If I was a makeup manufacturer I would totally do this too just because it’s so fun.

Another thing I’ve noticed about these Korean makeup brands is that the base colors are limited to those of us with very light skin.  This is great for a someone like me who practically glows in the dark, but I did not see any products for darker complexions. However, there are still lots of other unique products available for all skin types. And most of these Korean makeup brands are surprisingly affordable!

Check out some of these fun products on the BB Cosmetic website:

Tomato Face Massage Cream

TonyMoly Tomato Face Detox Massage Cream. Not sure what it does, but it sure is cute!

This sleeping pack looks just like a cup of green boba tea!

This Etude House Bubble Green Tea Sleeping pack looks just like a cup of green boba tea!

Wine Lip Tint in a wine bottle

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint in a wine bottle. Isn’t that clever?

And if you are into Hello Kitty or Disney, you are in luck! These products are not only adorable to look at, they are also quite ingenious.

Hello Kitty Pore Facial Brush

Move over, Clarisonic! Say Hello to this Hello Kitty Facial Pore Brush.

Disney "Ink Gel Stick" a.k.a. lipstick?

Disney “Ink Gel Stick” a.k.a. lipstick? Complete with ears!

Ever wanted to look like a doggy? Well now you can with this Hyaluronic Acid face mask.

Ever wanted to look like a doggy? Well now you can with this Hyaluronic Acid sheet face mask from Berrisom. They have 7 different animal faces to choose from. Isn’t that adorable?

And if these crazy beauty items aren’t your thing, there are also some serious cosmetics with lots of beauty benefits. Here are the Korean makeup brands I actually tried…

The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream

Pure Perfection BB Cream provides full coverage. I swear I'm not naked in this picture.

Pure Perfection BB Cream provides full coverage. I swear I’m not naked in this picture.

I love BB Creams! BB creams are basically like a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and range in varieties that provide sheer to medium coverage. But with my yucky skin, I want something that is going to provide full coverage. We are talking opaque! But since most BB creams are not designed to do this, I was thrilled to find one that actually does.

This Power Perfection BB Cream from The Face Shop provides maximum coverage with an SPF 37 sunscreen and it lasts all day.  It only comes in very light shades ranging from Pure Beige, Apricot Beige (which is what I used), and Natural Beige. So if you are as pale as me and have a lot to hide, these would be a good option. It sells on the website for around $17.

Chateau Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Pallet


Chateau Labiotte Wine Eyeshadow Pallet #2 has some interesting colors.

This wine eyeshadow palette contains 8 interesting shades. They are written in Korean (I’m assuming), so I don’t know what they are called. I would say they range from varying shades of apricot to peach, to blush, to smokey bronze. That blush color is kind of weird, and I can’t see myself ever using it. But the light shades are very nice and neutral and perfect for daytime wear. There are even a few sparkly ones in there for some extra pizzazz. It comes with a really soft eyeshadow brush with a small tip on one end and a wider tip on the other. It’s great for blending the colors together. This 8 color palette sells for around $23.

TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner

Why have I never tried gel eyeliner before?

Why have I never tried gel eyeliner before?

If there is one product I have to have it’s black eyeliner. I have tried everything from pencils, to liquid, to pen eyeliner. But this is the first time I have ever tried gel eyeliner. All I can say is, where has this product been all my life?! This TonyMoly Black Gel Eyeliner is one of the best makeup items I have EVER tried! And since I’ve been wearing makeup for 30 years, that is saying a lot. I really like the brush. It is pretty stiff so it keeps it’s shape.

You just take the brush and lightly dip it in the gel, then apply it to your eye. It goes exactly where you put it. The color is so rich and true and it stays on all day.  You don’t need to use much and it dries very quickly.

The only problem I have with it is, my eyes are so hooded that it tends to bleed right into the crease when my eyes are open. I have this problem with any wet eyeliner I use however.  To fix this issue, I top the eyeliner with a little black shadow to set the product and dry it faster. If you don’t have hooded eyes, you should not run into this problem. And I’m jealous. TonyMoly Backstage Gel Eyeliner is a bargain at around $7!

TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint for Lips

TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint for Lips

TonyMoly Delight Tony Tint for Lips

TonyMoly is one of the most popular Korean makeup brands I have seen. This lip tint is really fun to use. If I had one word to describe this product it’s “Juicy”. The consistency is extremely light – like water. It actually feels kind of cool and refreshing when you apply it to your lips. It goes on pretty bright, but it fades as it dries. If you blot your lips as it’s drying, the color is very subtle. I like to let it dry naturally (which takes a few minutes), so the color stays brighter. But it is not a gloss or lipstick. It’s a tint, so it provides a sheer pop of color on your lips. I also love how the applicator has a heart on the top. So cute! You can get this lip tint for just under $5 on the BB Cosmetic website. Score!

My face full of Korean Makeup

Ready for the day – and the world!

If you are interested in trying these or any Korean makeup brands for yourself, you can use coupon code R06GDGL641I5 to save 8% off any item at BB Cosmetic website! You should visit just to see the crazy Korean makeup brands and products that are out there. It’s definitely entertaining!

Disclosure: I received products of Korean Makeup Brands complimentary for review from BB Cosmetic, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post. Full disclosure policy here.**

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