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This week I am going to review some awesome products for Selfie Ready Skin. I by no means have perfect skin. As a woman over 40, I am trying my hardest to maintain a youthful complexion. But alas, mother nature has other plans. I have lots of fine lines and dark spots, but still suffer from acne! I mean, I’m 40, not 14! I have been to a dermatologist and they wanted to put me on hormones. The whole idea of that just freaks me out. I don’t want to start messing with chemicals in my body. I guess that’s always a last resort, but I would prefer to find products to use topically as my line of defense against the sands of time. I love testing out the newest kinds of skin care products so I can share my results with you. Here is my most recent daily regimen in my quest to obtain a clearer, smoother complexion. All of these items were received complimentary from Tomoson in exchange for my honest review. If you would like to learn more about how Tomoson works, please click here.

Set of 5 Soft Checkered Fun Colored Wide Headband – 12 Inch Wide Head Band

The first step in getting selfie ready skin is to wash your face. So before I start, I have to put my hair up and get it out of my face. When I saw these headbands, I thought that they were really cute and looked totally vintage, which is really popular right now. They come in 5 different plaid colors including red, pink, blue, yellow/black, and black/white – my personal favorite.

5 Pack of vintage inspired 3-in-one headbands

5 Pack of vintage inspired 3-in-one headbands

I really like that you can adjust them while on your head. You can have it fully extended so that it covers the top half of your hair like a handkerchief or you can bunch it up so that it sits like a headband. It comes in a 5 pack so I keep them in several places throughout my house so that I can quickly slip one on whenever I need it. It’s perfect for holding back your hair while washing your face or doing chores around the house. I like wear them to work fully extended when I am having a bad hair day. But they are great to wear any time you want your hair out of your face. They are just super cute and so practical too.

Vintage Inspired Plaid Headband

Ready to wash my face!

You can find these 5 Soft Checkered Fun Colored Wide Headbands on Amazon.

What do you think of these headbands? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

Amara Organics Facial Cleanser with 15% Vitamin C, 6 fl. oz.

I have aging skin but still suffer from hormonal acne so it’s hard for me to find a facial cleanser that works on my combination skin without causing irritation. This cleanser has Vitamin C – used in many anti-aging products and toted to reduce fine lines and age spots, Olive Oil and Aloe – a natural moisturizer and healing agent, and Tea Tree oil which is known for clearing up break-outs and other skin conditions.

Amara Organics Vitamin C Cleanser

Amara Organics Vitamin C Cleanser

The product is clear and thick and has a very mild scent. If I had to describe the smell, I would say it reminds me a little bit of salt water. It is definitely not unpleasant. And you don’t need to use that much, just a small pump and then run your hands under water to create a gentle lather. It removes all my make up – including mascara, and leaves my skin completely clean without feeling dry. I also love that it is completely natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. They even have a money-back guarantee. It’s a perfect complement to the Amara Organics Balancing Facial Toner.

You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer at or you can also find it on Amazon here.

What facial cleansers do you love? I’m always open to suggestions. Please let me know in the comments below!

Amara Organics Balancing Facial Toner

Next after cleansing my face, I use this toner from Amara Organics. It comes as a spray, but you can also apply it with cotton or your fingers. It contains Witch Hazel, which is a natural astringent, Vitamin C, Organic Aloe Vera, Neroli (whatever that is) and Glycolic Acid – all of which are known for their anti-aging properties. It goes on clear as most toners do and does not really have much of a scent to it, which makes it great for sensitive skin. I also love that it is 100% natural and it is never tested on animals.  I prefer to use it as a spray since that is the fastest application. It also helps your serums or moisturizers perform better.

Amara Organics Balancing Toner

Amara Organics Balancing Toner

But I am going to tell you a little secret. I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but I also suffer from “bacne”. That is what they call acne on your back. And if that’s not bad enough, I also get it on my neck and chest too. Yuck. I know! But I have been spraying this balancing toner on my neck, chest, and back every night and allowing it to air dry. It is really helping to clear up these problem areas. And because it’s a spray, I don’t need anyone else to help put it on for me. In about 2 weeks, my back and chest have been much smoother and the blemishes on my neck have completely disappeared. If you prefer a natural toner for problem skin, you should definitely give Amara Organics Balancing Facial Toner a try!

You can purchase this item directly from the manufacturer’s website at or you can find it on Amazon here.

Do you use a toner on your skin too? What kind do you like best? Let me know!

OZ Naturals Tinted Moisturizer 30 SPF Sunscreen

Here in Phoenix, AZ where temperatures are in the triple digits 5 months out of the year, it’s important to wear a sunscreen on your face. But it is also so hot, that regular make up tends to melt and seep into your pores and just looks and feels gross after several hours. So I was really looking forward to trying out a tinted moisturizer to provide a hint of color while also providing full protection.

Oz Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield Tinted Sunscreen

Oz Naturals Age Defying Solar Shield Tinted Sunscreen

This moisturizer only comes in a neutral medium shade which I was a little nervous about because I am so very pale. I thought it would be too dark on my skin. But this product is so very sheer and it blends into my skin for a natural looking finish. Because of my problem complexion, I would ideally prefer something that covers just a bit more, but on days where I don’t want to wear any make up it provides a nice hint of color and makes my skin glow. It contains zinc oxide, has an SPF of 30, and provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays. It is not waterproof, so you will need to reapply it if going swimming. But the nice thing about this moisturizer is that you can use it all over your body if you want sun protection and a little bit of color. It absorbs quickly and is non-greasy so it’s great for your skin.

Oz Naturals Tinted Sunscreen

Putting on sunscreen while wearing my nifty new headband!

You can find OZ Naturals Tinted Moisturizer 30 SPF Sunscreen on Amazon.

Do you use a tinted moisturizer? What moisturizer do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

ScandiPow Selfie Stick Monopod

Finally my skin regimen is done and I’m ready for my selfie! What better way to take a selfie then with your very own selfie stick.

I will admit it. I suck at taking selfies. I think the problem is that I have really short arms, so whenever I take a selfie, my face is super close up and it gives a kind of fish-eye effect. Since product reviews are kind of my thing, I take a lot of photos and videos and I always have to ask my hubby to take pictures for me. To be honest, he doesn’t love that so much because I always complain about how ugly I look in them and make him take them over and over again. So when I had the opportunity to try this selfie stick free in exchange for my honest review, I jumped at the chance to try it. The instructions were very minimal, but I have created a short how-to video to show you how to set it up.

ScandiXtender Selfie Stick Product Review

Watch this video on YouTube.

This product contains an extendable stick, a USB cable, an orange rubber thingy (which I figured out goes on the cradle to grip more slender phones), and a (tiny) instruction manual. The instructions are also on the back of the box, but I will go into greater detail here and you can see more in my video.

First thing, you will want to charge the stick before you use it. There is no wall adapter for this item, so you will want to use one of your own – like the kind that comes with your cell phone, or you can plug it into your computer to charge it.

Next, you will want to set up the blue tooth connection between your phone and the stick. It is very easy to do. Turn on the stick and have your phone do a quick scan and it should locate the model number of the selfie stick.

Then put your phone in the cradle. The cradle expands with a spring to fit most size phones. If you have a smaller phone, you can use the orange rubber thing to add more bulk. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a really large case, and it fit in the cradle perfectly. Now you are ready to start snapping selfies! The stick is wireless, so you just hit the button on the base of the handle and say “cheese!” One thing I did note was that it seemed to take a few seconds for the picture to snap. But I realized that I was holding the button down too long waiting for the picture to shoot. Once I released my finger, the photo clicked. It will take me some practice, but I hope to be a professional selfie-taker in no time. And the good news is, I may not have to bug my hubby anymore!

ScandiPow Wireless Extension Selfie Stick

Posing with my ScandiPow Wireless Extension Selfie Stick

If you are interested in trying this product for yourself, you can find this ScandiPow Selfie Stick Monopod on Amazon.

Do you have any great tips for taking selfies? I could certainly use the help. Let me know in the comments below!

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