Tasty Treats from BzzAgent

Tasty Treats from BzzAgent

This summer I scored all kinds of tasty treats from BzzAgent. BzzAgent is a site where you join for free, take a few initial surveys, and if you are in their target market, they hook you up with all kinds of cool products from make up to food that you get at your local store.

It has been a while since my last Bzz Campaign and I was itching to try some new products. You can go for months without getting any campaigns. But then sometimes they all start rolling in at the same time. I love BzzAgent because the products are really fun, you get to pass out coupons to your friends (who doesn’t like coupons?) and the tasks are pretty easy. This summer I was fortunate enough to get into several different campaigns all revolving around food. If you are interested in signing up for BzzAgent, you can learn more about it here. Let’s dish!

Dryer’s Frozen Custard

When I saw this campaign for Dreyer’s Frozen Custard, I jumped on it! I debated long and hard with my husband which flavor we should try. I wanted to try the Salted Caramel, but he really wanted to try the Snickerdoodle. I don’t think he fully understood what flavor Snickerdoodle is. I didn’t really either. I think we both expected it to taste like Snickers with chocolate and caramel and all that. Yeah, I guess we should have read the packaging. But it turns out it is a cinnamon graham cracker cookie.

Dreyer's Frozen Custard Bzz Kit

The Dreyer’s Frozen Custard Bzz Kit came with everything seen here!

Now I’m a big texture person. I prefer my ice cream (and yogurt, and peanut butter) to have a little bit of texture to it. In other words, I want something I can sink my teeth into and creamy doesn’t usually do it for me. So I was pleasantly surprised to find bits of cookie in this custard. The flavor was intense enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and my family just loved it.

Jaxon really enjoyed his Dreyer's Frozen Custard!

Jaxon really enjoyed his custard!

This BzzKit also included cards with craft ideas to try out with your family. I’m not all that crafty, but I did try to make a crown out of the carton! Unfortunately, my kid wanted nothing to do with it. He was having more fun running away from me while I was trying to put it on him and screaming bloody murder every time I came near him with it. Finally he stood still long enough to let me snap a picture. Needless to say, the crown was too small for my kid’s big head and kept sliding off. But at least I was able to work off the calories from the custard by chasing him around the room. Good times…

Jaxon wearing the custard crown

Jaxon wearing the custard crown

You can purchase Dryer’s Frozen Custard at most major grocery chains. Dryer’s Frozen Custard comes in Chocolate Malt, Snicker Doodle, Salted Caramel Pretzel, Mint Chocolate Cookie, Old Fashioned Vanilla, and Peanut Butter Pie. Which flavor do you think sounds the best? Let me know in the comments!

Kellogg’s Special K

Kellogg’s Special K has been around for a long time and is a name you can trust. I love the fact that Special K is designed to be filling, healthy, and low calorie so that you can enjoy something yummy without the guilt. This BzzKit came with everything you see here which included Special K Protein Cinnamon Brown Sugar Cereal,  Chocolate Almond Chewy Crunch Bars and a bunch of coupons to pass out to my friends.

Special K Protein Cereal and Chewy Nut Bar Bzz Kit

Special K Protein Cereal and Chewy Nut Bars

The first product I tried from this BzzKit was the chewy crunch bars. I am an avid calorie counter and label reader so I saw that one bar is 170 calories, which is just perfect for a snack. The chewy bar has lots of textures which I really enjoy. The bottom has a layer of thick chocolate ganache and the top was loaded with roasted almonds. It has the perfect blend of salty and sweet and provided just the right amount of crunch while still being chewy. I took the box to work with me to satisfy my afternoon munchy craving between lunch and dinner. It makes for a great little energy boost during that 3pm crash. It is sweet and a filling snack that provides protein, fiber, and it’s also gluten free for those on gluten free diets.

I also enjoyed the Special K® Protein Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch Cereal. I like to eat it after dinner with a bowl of milk. Yeah I know, who eats cereal after dinner? Well I do! It’s sweet like dessert, but still provides ample nutrition so why not? Much healthier than cake or pie, am I right?

Special K Protein Cinnamon Crunch Cereal with Milk

This cereal is sweet but not too sweet. I like it with milk, and for added texture I often throw some dried cranberries or raisins in the mix. It only has 140 calories and a whopping 11 grams of protein! It also stays crunchy in milk. You can also eat it right out of the box if you want. Also makes a great snack for you or your kids. You can put it in a little baggy to munch on the go.

Special K Protein Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch is available on Amazon or at your local grocery store. Have you tried Special K products before? What do you think of them? Let me know!

Seattle’s Best Coffee

I have been a big fan of Seattle’s Best Coffee for many years. So when I saw that there was a campaign for my favorite coffee I jumped at the chance. My husband and I usually go for the level 4, which is dark, but not too bitter and very brisk. We received the level 5 in this Bzz Kit, which I have never tried before.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Mmmm Coffee!

The level 5 is the darkest blend. It is very rich, very similar to espresso. It has a very strong flavor and is a bit on the bitter side. While I understand that all coffee is bitter, I don’t drink coffee for the taste. I drink it for the caffeine. So needless to say, I like my coffee super sweet. And I also count calories, so I measure out exactly what I need to create the perfect coffee beverage. And I have it pretty much the same way every time. I start out with 2 ice cubes (made from left over coffee so it doesn’t water down the taste), then I measure out 2 tablespoons of sugar free flavored creamer, and add 4 packets of splenda = 50 calories total. I mix it all up in a 24oz tumbler so that it lasts me several hours. Occasionally I use a different creamer when the hubby buys a unique flavor he finds at the store. But otherwise, I am a creature of habit. But since this coffee is a little stronger than I’m used to, I found that I had to add a bit more creamer to get it just right. Overall, I love Seattle’s Best. It is one of the more affordable brands available locally and the quality is unsurpassed.

Seattle’s Best 12oz Ground Coffee is available at your local grocery store and also on Amazon at the link provided.  You can also Seattle’s Best K-Cups for Keurig coffee makers.

What kind of coffee is your favorite? How much do you typically drink a day? From one coffee lover to another, I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment!

Horizon Organic

My kid is a picky eater and his diet usually consists of mac and cheese or chicken nuggets. It is really hard to get him to eat anything healthy. He loves the Horizon Macaroni and Cheese so I thought this campaign would be something him and the rest of the family would enjoy.

Snacks from Horizon Organics

Snacks from Horizon Organics

Up first were the Snack Grahams. Jaxon tried one or two of them and he was kind of meh. I tried them too and they reminded me of the goldfish graham crackers. I’m not a big graham cracker person and I’m guessing neither is he. But they weren’t bad. And I’m sure anyone who likes graham crackers will really like them. But rather than see them go uneaten, I ended up bringing the box to his school so his teacher could use them at snack time.

Next up were the Apple Fruit Crunchers. I like dehydrated apples. I especially love the chewy ones. Jaxon took one bite and he just wasn’t having it. He normally likes apples too, but I think the texture might have put him off. I liked them though. They were much crunchier than I expected them to be. Some of them were a little chewy like I like. But they were inconsistent. Would I buy them? Probably not. I eat pretty healthy already. The point is to get my kid to eat healthy. So if he won’t eat them, there’s not really any point in us buying them. But they are a light healthy snack for people who enjoy crunchy apples.

Horizon Organics Super Squeeze

Jaxon wouldn’t share his squeeze pouch

Now we are on to the Snack Crackers. These were a surprise to me. I was familiar with Horizon Graham crackers but I didn’t know what to expect from these. They were actually salty and maybe even a little cheesy with a light flaky texture. They are really good! Of course, my kid wasn’t into them. But I really liked them. I have already gone through the box.

And finally we have the Super Squeeze pouches. I purchased the 4 pack with 2 strawberry and 2 grape. Jaxon loves squeeze pouches so he was asking for it before I even put it away. I gave him the grape flavor first. He finished that thing so fast and wanted another one. So I allowed him to try the strawberry one right after. He again asked for another one when it was finished. There are only 4 in a pack so I made him wait until the next day to have some more. I tasted the grape one myself just to see how it was and why he loved it so much. I was actually kind of shocked because it wasn’t even that sweet. Reminded me of greek yogurt flavor with a hint of grape. All I cared about was that HE loved it and they are healthy and organic. Would I buy these? If it will get my kid to eat something healthy that he will love, I’m all for it.

Do you think your family would enjoy any of these snacks from Horizon Organics? Have you tried any yourself? Leave me a comment below!

*Disclaimer: all products on this page were received complimentary for review

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