Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover

Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover

Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover

We recently lost our 12 year old dog Harry Weiner and our home and hearts were pretty empty. So my family and I decided to adopt a new dog from the local animal shelter. We went up and down the rows of dogs but I couldn’t help thinking about this one shaggy white and apricot dog in particular. His fur was very matted and soiled and his face was covered with tear stains, but I didn’t care. When I saw this little guy, it was love at first sight! We didn’t know how old he was, but they guessed that he is about a year. This is great because it means that not only is there plenty of opportunity to train him, but should also give us lots of time with him as well. We have lost a lot of family members and pets over the last 5 years so we really need something good in our lives.

Finding a new dog the shelter

It was love at first sight, despite the condition of the kennel.

When I walked up to the kennel he shared with 3 other dogs, he happily ran up to the cage and put his head up to be scratched. And when he came into the room to meet us, he immediately ran up to me and jumped into my lap. His fur was sooo soft! It felt like a flokati rug. I knew that he was the one. He is also very docile and flops over whenever he is pet. Such a sweetie pie!

Then, we quickly learned that this dog is very much still a puppy. He is extremely happy-go-lucky (a.k.a. not that bright) and loves to jump on us at full speed. My kid doesn’t really like that too much since he usually flies at him at 50 mph and lands right on top of his head. While it’s quite hysterical to see, we definitely need to work on this because I don’t want my kid to get hurt or be afraid of the dog. This pup also likes to nibble. On everything. He likes to chew on shoes, shoulders, fingers, and especially our feet. So this is why we decided to call him Archibald Nibbler or “Archie” for short.

What kind of dog is this?

What a scrappy dog!

But boy was he a mess! The kennel he was kept in was full of poop and his fur was so shaggy and gross. When we finally got to take him home after being neutered, we saw just how his eyes were kind of goopy and tear stained and his chin was also kind of yucky. We couldn’t wait to get him groomed but we had to wait for his stitches to heal. So when I had the opportunity to try out this tear stain remover from Paw Choice complimentary for review through Tomoson, I couldn’t wait to try it out on Archie!

Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover How To & Review

Watch this video on YouTube.

This product is super easy to use. You just shake up the bottle, spin open the top (it opens just like Elmer’s school glue) and pour a small amount into a cotton puff or washcloth. At first Archie wasn’t really having it, but I just put my leg over him to keep him still and then he just laid there while I rubbed the product over the tear stains, making sure to rub away from the eyes with deliberate strokes. It didn’t remove the stains immediately, but I did notice that it loosened the gunk quite a bit making it easier to remove as you can see in my video. It will make the fur pretty wet, so use only as much as necessary to coat the stains. Then you can wipe with a clean dry towel.

After using Paw Choice Tear Stain Remover

After using Paw Choice Tear Stain Remover

As you can see from the video, it did not get rid of the tear stains entirely. The instructions say that set-in stains (like my dog has) may not be removed completely by cleaning and would need to be trimmed. But you can definitely see from the before and after photos that it was a major improvement! The instructions say to use it daily until the residue is removed and then use weekly or as needed to keep fur nice and clean.

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The nice thing about this product is that it is has no fragrance, no sulfates, and no alcohol. It is made with natural ingredients like coconut derivatives and glycerin for safe use.

Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover

Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover

We did finally get Archie professionally groomed he looks like a completely different dog. But even THEY couldn’t remove all the tear stains from his face! I’m actually beginning to wonder if that is just the natural color of his fur. But overall I do really like this product and you can see the results for yourselves.

Professionally groomed dog with bow tie

Professionally groomed. Don’t you love the bow tie?

You can find the Paw Choice Naturals Tear Stain Remover on Amazon for under $20. It’s a big bottle that will last you a long time. Great value!

We still have no idea what kind of dog he is. When I showed his picture to my friends, they debated between Bichon Frise, Maltese, Havanese, Poodle, and Tibetian Terrier. It doesn’t really matter. Now if we can just get Archibald to stop being such a nibbler!

What kind of pet do you have? Do you also deal with tear stain issues? What do you use to remove them? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: This product was received complimentary in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

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