Are ethanol fireplaces better for your health and the environment? Lets learn the truth.

The Truth About Ethanol Fireplaces

Everyone loves the idea of snuggling in front of a cozy fireplace with loved ones or maybe with their 10 cats. But did you know that fireplaces can pollute the air and are not good for our health? Today ethanol fireplaces are becoming super popular but are they really better for us and the environment? 

Let’s discuss the truth about ethanol fireplaces…

The truth about Ethanol Fireplaces. Are they better for you and the environment? Here's the scoop.

Who doesn't love snuggling in front of a cozy fireplace? But did you know that fireplaces can pollute the air and our lungs? Today ethanol fireplaces are becoming super popular. Here's why... Click To Tweet

What the heck is ethanol?

Ethanol is of plant origin, obtained through fermentation of saccharine and is created from seasonal produce.

And if the term ethanol sounds familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen it at the gas station for cars that run on biofuel – which is usually much cheaper than regular gas, I might add.

You may see gas stations selling E10 (Ethanol) gasoline. I haven't seen those prices in years!

You may see gas stations selling E10 (Ethanol) gasoline. I haven’t seen those prices in years!

Ethanol a.k.a. Biofuel fireplaces are based on a patented Burning Ethanol Vapor (BEV) technology called Fanola® which is a clean energy source.

Fanola® does not actually ignite. The only by-products are heat, water vapor, and a tiny bit of CO2 (like human breath) to create a clean burning process without smoke, smell or ash.

Are ethanol fireplaces good for you?

You know the saying, where there’s smoke there’s fire?

Well, that’s not the case when it comes to ethanol fireplaces.

Clean burning Ethanol fireplaces require no chimney or flue. Use them anywhere!

Clean burning Ethanol fireplaces require no chimney or flue. Use them anywhere!

Some of the benefits are:

  • No odor, smoke, or ash. You can breathe easy. 
  • Flame size and color regulation so the flame is contained.
  • Do not emit any harmful substances. Yay!
  • Short cooling time. Less chance of getting burned. 
  • Do not require technical service – save $$
  • Easy to install. Just plug it into a regular wall socket.
  • Portable so you can use anywhere.
  • No chimney or vents needed so they don’t pollute the air.
  • Safety sensors – smart!

Some models can be controlled with a remote or even your smartphone using a WiFi connection. Technology is amazing.

Control with the push of a button. Some models are remote or can be controlled via Smartphone!

Where can I get an ethanol fireplace?

There’s this company called Planika who specializes in making luxurious smokeless gas and bioethanol fireplaces and inserts.

Their professional engineers and designers create environmentally friendly ethanol fireplaces that combine unique visual value, advanced technology and are safe to use.

Create an elegant and cozy look without smoke, smell, or ash.

Create an elegant and cozy look without smoke, smell, soot, or ash.

They provide a wide range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces for any purpose including portable freestanding ethanol fireplaces that you can put wherever you want in your home – perfect for small spaces such as your bathroom or in an apartment.

They also offer Ethanol fireplace inserts and burners that can replace your dusty and sooty old fireplace.

What if I have no room for a fireplace?

Some models are actually portable. So you can put them in any room or even just hang it on a wall and just plug into an electric wall socket.

No construction necessary.

Get the bathroom of your dreams with a lovely warm fireplace.

You can put this fireplace anywhere. Even the bathroom!

There are even petite fireplaces available to create a warm, and dare I say “romantic” ambiance?

It’s such a neat way to make any space look sleek, modern and cozy.

What about eco-friendly gas fireplaces?

Yes – it’s a thing!

Planika offers gas fireplaces too such as the portable Galio Corten gas fireplace range that is made of weather-resistant Corten steel so it’s perfect for outdoor use.

The galio corten smart fireplace is so pretty in your backyard or patio

How pretty would this be in your backyard or patio?

And since it’s gas, you don’t need an electrical outlet. So get out those marshmallows, it’s time to make smores!

With these fireplaces, you will be able to create a cozy and home-like atmosphere in any space. You can enrich both interior and exterior designs without hurting your health or our planet.

Now, not only can you have a smart home, but you can also have a smart fireplace as well!

Where would you put a smart ethanol fireplace in your home? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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