5 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for $25 or less

5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $25

5 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Only $25 or Less!

It’s June and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to get Dad for Father’s Day. But does he really need another tie or a watch? Yawn. Here is a list of 5 unique Father’s Day gift ideas that he (or you) would probably never think of, but would most certainly love. And they are all only $25 or less! 

Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for $25 or less

Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for $25 or less

Here is a list of 5 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas that he (or you) would probably never think of for $25 or less! Click To Tweet

Unique Father’s Day Gift #1 – $25

ThermoPro Digital Single Probe Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer 

Looking forward to cooking your hubby a delicious Father’s Day meal? I’m not because I’m not a great cook. I’m not even a good cook. I only know how to make like 5 things – actually 6 since my hubby just taught me how to make pancakes. And the times I do try, my food is either not cooked through or burnt to a crisp. I know, I’m pretty pathetic.  But fortunately my hubby is a fantastic cook and really enjoys it. So when we had the chance to try this ThermoPro meat thermometer for review, I thought this might a great gadget for him (and me).

What dad wouldn't want a meat thermometer with all the bells and whistles?

What dad wouldn’t want a meat thermometer with all the bells and whistles?

When I got the thermometer I was a little intimidated. It has all these buttons and numbers and I didn’t really know what any of them meant. So I asked my hubby to show it to me and then it all made sense. In fact, I was kind of blown away by all the features this little gadget has to offer.

How to Check Meat Temperature with ThermaPro Meat Thermomenter

Watch this video on YouTube.


So I’ll list them all here and explain how they work.
1. Start by holding down the on/off button for a second to turn the unit on. This button is also used to change the degrees from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
2. Then you can use the MEAT button to pick the food that you are cooking. There are 10 options ranging from beef, to chicken, to pork, and fish. There is even a blank option so you can just program it for yourself in case you want to make something like venison, rabbit, or road kill.
3. What’s even cooler is you can use the TASTE button to pick how well done you like your meat from rare to well done. No more raw hamburgers for me!
4. The thermometer even doubles as a timer where you can set the hour and minutes then use the start stop button when you are done.
5. Takes 3 triple A batteries housed neatly behind the belt clip that doubles as a stand.

It’s great for cooking on the grill or smoker and you can also use it for baking and broiling too. This thermometer makes cooking meat pretty fool proof even for a crappy cook like me. Where has this been all my life? Now I don’t have to worry about giving my family salmonella from under cooked meat! Yay!

I am grateful for this product and so is my husband. He may trust me a little more in the kitchen (meh, who am I kidding). But I think we’ll just go out for Father’s Day dinner.

You can get the ThermoPro Digital Single Probe Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer on Amazon for $25

Unique Father’s Day Gift #2 – $18

SUNPOLLO 2 Speed Battery Powered USB Table Fan

We live in Phoenix where the temperature hits triple digits for about 7 months out of the year. Hubby and I also spend a lot of time at our computers and even during the winter months when the weather is mild, our desk area gets really hot. Between 2 computers and monitors, not to mention lamps, speakers, clocks etc. it is always extremely warm and uncomfortable around our work space. He likes to have a regular size oscillating fan blowing on him when he is working, but I don’t like it because it is noisy and it blows our papers everywhere. So when we had the opportunity to try a miniature version oscillating fan complimentary to review this looked like a much better option.

Cute, compact, and quiet. But this fan works great!

Cute, compact, and quiet. But this fan works great!

First off I couldn’t believe how cute this fan is! It’s only about 8″ tall so it fits nicely on your desk. The black color is really unobtrusive so it blends into any decor.

It has 2 speeds – low and high speed and amazingly, it is very quiet. You can also adjust the tilt and whether you want it to oscillate or stay stationary just by lifting the little button thingy on the top.

But my favorite part is that while it can run on 4 AA batteries, you don’t even need them! It has a USB port, so you can just plug it right into your computer. Actually you can plug it into anything that has a USB port. I don’t think it’s flimsy at all. In fact, I think it is pretty sturdy for such a little fan.

How to Cool Off a Warm Office – Portable Desk Fan Review

Watch this video on YouTube.

If you are looking for a nice portable and quiet desk fan, this is definitely a great buy.

The SUNPOLLO 2 Speed Battery Powered USB Table Fan is available on Amazon for around $18

Unique Father’s Day Gift #3 – $14

Digital Tire Gauge with Multi Tools 

My hubby spends a lot of time in the car and I know how much he loves his gadgets. While I don’t know anything about tire pressure, the hubs sure does and like most boys, he loves knives and other sharp things. This digital tire gauge has a bunch of tools that you can use to get yourself out of a jam.

Digital Tire Gauge Multi Function Tool

Digital Tire Gauge Multi Function Tool has lots of sharp thingies.

It has a digital blue back lit readout so you can test your tire pressure with 4 different types of measurements depending on your preference. I have no idea what they really do, but I looked up what they stand for:
PSI – Pounds per square inch (which is the most common one for USA)
BAR – Bars of pressure
KPA – Kilopascals (guessing this is for Europe)
KG/CM- Kilogram force per square centimeter.

Digi-Tire Tire Gauge & Multi-Function Tool

Watch this video on YouTube.

This gadget also has two flashlights including a bright white LED flashlight and a red LED light which are really handy to see your tire nozzle in the dark. But my favorite thing about this item is all the tools that come with it including a seat belt cutter which is like a mini saw, tiny pliers, a mini flat head and phillips head screwdriver and scissors. There is also a glass hammer which is released by pushing a button – just be careful when opening it because it pops out quick and it can poke you (I learned this the hard way). But just in case your car ends up in a lake, it’s good to have.

The tools in the one I received are hard to open and I got a little cut on my fingers when trying to open them. Be careful because they are sharp! In my video my husband had already pulled them out for me so you wouldn’t see me fighting with them. Once you get one out, you can access the other ones easier. But at least the ones you need most in an emergency, such as the seat belt cutter and the glass breaker were easy to access. Regardless, it’s a pretty cool gadget to keep handy for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car.

This Digital Tire Gauge with Multi Tool is available on Amazon for around $14

Unique Father’s Day Gift #4 – $13

Solar Rechargeable Lantern & Portable Camping LED Flashlight 

My hubby is a “Prepper” so I’m always looking for things for our bug-out box so that we are prepared for the impending apocalypse. So when we had the opportunity to try out a solar lantern complimentary for review, I thought this would be a great little gadget to add to our box. But this lantern is way cooler than I had expected!

Is it a lantern or a flashlight? It's both!

Is it a lantern or a flashlight? It’s both!

First of all, it’s super compact. It’s about 3.58″ Dia, when closed it is 5″ tall, and when open it’s 7.5″H. It’s made of metallic blue plastic which keeps it very lightweight.

There is a solar panel on the top so as long as the sun is still burning in the sky, you can charge it without batteries or electricity. But if you don’t want to do that, you can plug it into a standard wall outlet with the included AC cable assuming you still have power. But what’s even cooler is that it even has a USB port so you can charge up your portable electronics as well! USB cable is not included.

Solar Rechargeable Lantern for our Bug-Out Box!

Watch this video on YouTube.

The light is LED which lasts longer and stays cooler compared to a standard bulb and it is super bright. And what I REALLY love is that you can use it as a flashlight at the push of a button but then if you just slide the top open – BOOM – it becomes a lantern instantly. You can even use the flashlight and the lantern at the same time!

I think this is a great product for anyone into camping, hiking, or for killing zombies at night. It’s also really good to keep around the house when the power goes out. It is such a great multipurpose gadget and it is a total bargain for the price. To see what else in in our bug-out box, check out my post “17 Products for Preppers“.

RedSun Solar Rechargeable Lantern & Portable Camping LED Flashlight is available on Amazon for only $13

Unique Father’s Day Gift #5 – $11

The Alphabet Of Manliness by Maddox Paperback 

This book is written by Maddox who is the guy behind “The Best Page in the Universe” website and is not for the faint of heart. Now if you don’t know who Maddox is, you should consider yourself lucky. But seriously, he is a politically incorrect blogger who write the most awful posts and pulls absolutely no punches. As a woman, you have to have really thick skin to read some of the stuff he writes. But since I love sarcastic humor, it’s right up my alley. And my hubby just loves him!

The Alphabet Of Manliness by Maddox

The Alphabet Of Manliness by Maddox is not for the faint of heart.

So I bought this book as a surprise for my husband and boy, did I open a can of worms. The hubby was driving me nuts with all of the “suggestions” in the book. He was literally laughing his head off then insisted on reading it to me while pointing things out and asking stupid questions. This book will piss many women off unless you have a really good sense of humor. The illustrations are hilarious though. Actually this book shouldn’t be bought for anyone – it might create a monster. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Buy The Alphabet Of Manliness by Maddox at your own risk for under $11 new paperback. Also available on Kindle for $10 and used for 0.01 cent.

What do you think of these Father’s Day gift ideas? Think your hubby or dad would enjoy these products? Or may you’d like one for yourself! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: These products were received complimentary in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

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