White Elephant Gift Ideas

Affordable White Elephant Gift Ideas Your Secret Santa Will Love!

White Elephant Gift Ideas

Finding White Elephant gifts can be a daunting task. If you don’t know what a white elephant gift is, it’s basically a gift exchange where people try to walk away with the best present. It is also known in other parts of the world as a Yankee Swap (maybe a little politically incorrect, hmm?) and Dirty Santa.

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What is a White Elephant Gift?

The rules can vary but how it generally works is like this:

  1. Each player brings one wrapped gift to contribute to a common pool
  2. Players draw numbers to determine which order they will go in. First and last is most desirable best because you have had a chance to look over all the gifts before making your final selection.
  3. The first player selects a gift from the pool and opens it – Everyone needs to see the gift
  4. The following players can choose to either pick an unwrapped gift from the pool or steal a previous player’s gift. Anyone who gets their gift stolen in this way can do the same – choose a new gift or steal from someone else.

But the problem with White Elephant gifts is you don’t know exactly who you are buying a present for so you have to find gifts that both a man or a woman could enjoy.

A common scenario would be your office Christmas party.

So I have put together a small list of cheap unisex gift ideas that your Dirty Santas will probably be fighting over.

Believe me, they will probably prefer one of these gifts to a silly toilet bowl coffee mug any day of the week.

Who says white elephant gifts can’t be nice?

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Kovot 72 Hook Motorized Revolving Tie & Belt Rack

While I am by no means a clean freak, I love products that can help with organizing your home.

And this might sound weird, but I love hanging things on hooks. I am lazy when it comes to putting things on hangers, but with hooks, you just throw your item on there and go.

I have one of these in my own closet that I share with my husband.

He doesn’t have a lot of ties (he is more of a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy) but I have a lot of belts in all sizes and colors and fabrics.

How fun would it be to put them on this revolving rack?

Kovot 72 Hook Motorized Revolving Tie & Belt Rack

Kovot 72 Hook Motorized Revolving Tie & Belt Rack

What I like about this product is how little space it takes up in your closet. And it can hold 72 freaking ties!

And if that’s not all, it even has 8 stationary hooks for belts as well.

It is so easy to install! I have created a little video to show you how to install it into your own closet. And I suck at stuff like this. But if I can do it, then anyone can.

How to install the Kovot Motorized Revolving Tie & Belt Rack

Watch this video on YouTube.

One thing I want to mention, the hooks are plastic and very light. I don’t suggest putting anything heavy on them or they might break.

To put belts with wider buckles on them, you will probably need to take up 2 hooks and hang them horizontally.

This motorized revolving tie rack is a practical idea which also provides a little luxury for your very own closet. I think it makes a great gift for any man or woman.

The Kovot Motorized Revolving Tie Rack is available on Amazon for around $30.

Retro 4-Slice Toaster

I love toasted bread, bagels, and English muffins. My son loves Eggo waffles, and French toast.

I would really like us to eat breakfast together at the same time, but it’s a pain when you are waiting in line to use the toaster.

This 4-Slice Toaster is a lifesaver for a busy family.

This retro 4-slice toaster from Tobox is a lifesaver for breakfast with a busy family

This retro 4-slice toaster from Tobox is a lifesaver for breakfast with a busy family

One of my favorite things about this toaster is the buttons on the front. There’s one specifically for bagels and another one just to defrost frozen waffles. I love this!

It also has slide out crumb trays on the back, and you can adjust the levers in the front to half-mast for shorter items.

Here is my video of the unboxing and demo of me trying it out for the first time.

Trying Out the ToBox 4-slice Toaster for the first time!

Watch this video on YouTube.

This retro look toaster comes in 3 colors (mine is the black and chrome) but has several modern features.

Their website also has other awesome, super affordable kitchen items like appliances, bakeware, tableware, coffee and wine accessories, and gadgets – some even as low as $3!

Seriously – go look right meow! https://dealspotr.com/go/cqwQZ

They make great gift items and stocking stuffers. You also get free shipping and free returns.

And you can save 50% off right now with my code: Enjoyfreebies1

Sirius Chef English Muffin Splitter

Since we are on the subject of bread, here is something you probably haven’t thought of. Who couldn’t use an English Muffin Splitter in their life?

For the man or women who has everything. But they probably never thought of this!

For the man or women who has everything. But they probably never thought of this!

As any English Muffin connoisseur knows, English muffins are a total pain to open.

Breaking them apart with your fingers usually ends up tearing them and using a knife gets crumbs everywhere.

Forget forks and knives. This English Muffin splitter creates perfect muffin halves with no mess!

Check out the demo here:

How to Split an English Muffin with Sirius Chef English Muffin Splitter

Watch this video on YouTube.

This English muffin separator features stainless steel tines, durable plastic handles, and is dishwasher safe!

I also use the English Muffin Splitter to slice tomatoes. Just push the prongs into the tomato and use them as a guide to cut your slices evenly!

To learn more visit Sirius Chef: http://bit.ly/2xIxpEC

You can find this English Muffin Splitter on Amazon for under $20

LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener

Here is another great gadget that anyone would enjoy. This electric knife sharpener has 2 separate areas with automated blade guides for sharpening.

The left side has angled slots which sharpens the edges, and the right side is for honing and polishing the blade.

Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener

Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener

I use it about 4 times on each side and that seems to work really well.

It is a little noisy and my kid runs away from it when I use it. But it’s definitely not unbearable.

It works super fast and it’s also fun to use!

It’s a nifty kitchen gadget that even looks nice on your counter and it has suction cups on the bottom to keep it from sliding around when in use. It makes a great gift too!

Check out my how to video below…

Linkyo Electric Knife Sharpener Product Review

Watch this video on YouTube.


You can purchase the LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener on Amazon for around $30.

Portable Garment Steamer

Do you know anyone who hates ironing? That’s me. I think ironing is a big waste of time.

But this little portable garment steamer has changed my world.

You don't need an iron with this portable garment steamer!

You don’t need an iron with this portable garment steamer!

This steamer is so easy to use. You just fill with regular old tap water, plug it in, and wave it over your wrinkled fabrics. It works like magic!

Check out my demo of how easy a garment steamer is to use!

How to Remove Wrinkles Quickly Without an Iron – Sterline Garment Steamer Demo

Watch this video on YouTube.

And it’s so fast too. Perfect for clothes, curtains, or sheets.

It’s so compact, you can take it anywhere.

Remove wrinkles fast without an iron and don’t waste your money on a dry cleaner. This fabric steamer makes an awesome gift.

Find this portable garment steamer on Amazon for around $20

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What do you think of these gift ideas? What was the best Dirty Santa gift you ever got? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Disclosure: These products were received complimentary in exchange for my honest review, but all opinions are my own. I was not compensated for writing this post, but it does contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated a small amount if you click through and purchase. Full disclosure policy here.**

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